News Briefs 01-10-2009

*Hmph* So how deep is this god-damned rabbit hole anyw—AAAAAAAaaaaaaaa….

Thanks Kat, Rick & Frank.

Quote of the Day:

Donnie: “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?”
Frank: “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”

Excerpt from the movie Donnie Darko (2001).

    1. A Price to Die For…
      [quote=earthling]No worries about the sea level rise. I already moved to higher ground, by about 100 meters. In 400 years this place might be coastal – we’ll be set.[/quote]

      That’s the thing that I don’t understand. GW is here, it’s happening, and now a 2m rise in sea levels is unavoidable. Every man and his dog tells me this. And yet beachside properties in Australia continue to go through the roof in price. Who should I believe, people or economics?

      And I thought tsunamis were enough of a risk to stop me buying a million dollar beach shack…oh, and the whole million dollars thing too.

      1. Luthor
        The market is meant to be manipulated. It wouldn’t surprise me that Real Estate tycoons are lulling morons to buy beachfront properties, while at the same time quietly buying cheap land that will become the new beachfront in 100 years.

        Luthor & Trump: both wearing cheap toupees —just stating the obvious here 😉

  1. tourist aliens
    We read just yesterday on this very site that, perhaps, we actually are in the center of the universe (the dark matter thing in the news.)

    If that’s the case the aliens may be here just for the special location. That would explain why most of them ignore us, and just look at the scenery.

    1. Well…
      Even if you’re just walking through the strip mall on your way to the food court, it doesn’t hurt to slow down and watch the mime performance, does it? 😛

  2. Luna Cathay – Luna Pura – Aqua Maris
    First, I have my doubts that China will offer anything even close to a full release of their lunar imagery. A few examples to make their space program look good, maybe some branded wallpapers but… a hi-res lunar atlas to the global community? Probably not… but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

    Second… If someone like Coke of Pepsi or even Anheuser-Busch were to invest in a mining operation to bring back either/or lunar or Martian H2O, they could incorporate it into their product lines and make a kazillion!

    Can you imagine the marketing campaign for that sort of thing?

    Pepsi or Bud made with pure Martian or Moon water would pay for itself in the first few years and advance interest for space exploration at the same time.

  3. The date?
    So is it fortean that the transposed date at the top of the page is my birthday? And I even like Donnie Darko! No my friends, this is no mere coincidence… 🙂

  4. On thought… as a thought
    In Africa, we can dig up a single bone and announce that the human race has existed, in one form or another, for x-millions of years, as part of a family of monkeys.

    In West Virginia, a coal miner finds a gold or brass item buried under tons of rock for ages… and it is summarily ignored.

    This happens.

    How do we trust a mainstream science that denies the obvious and writes fairytales in the name of evolution?

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