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It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been blogging like a dog…

  • The mystery of the alien abduction of Google’s “o”, solved at last.
  • Da Vinci Code fans are in for a very nasty surprise —as in malware nasty—if they attempt to Google clues for Dan Brown’s next novel; so you’d better stick to Greg’s posts.
  • “Pero sigo siendo el Rey” : The last days of American Physics, and the struggle for a collisional end.
  • Natural History Museum unveils £78m Darwin Center —visitors will be asked *not* to feed the scientists.
  • British researchers are set to embark on an expedition in search of Sumatran ‘Yeti’.
  • Picture of a Backyard Bigfoot taken by an automatic trail camera —or is it?
  • Video: Michio Kaku takes us to a journey from our Universe into the Multiverse. Are you ready? [H/T Posthuman Blues]
  • Freeman Dyson contemplates the future limits of human potential, arguing that it’s better to be wrong than to be vague —damn right!! [‘Imagined Worlds’: Amazon US & UK]
  • NASA is releasing the first spectacular images of the rejuvenated Hubble —revenge is a dish best served cold… in zero g ^_^
  • Is there a connection between UFOs, crystall skulls and the year 2012? Jaime Maussan seems convinced of it —I suspect his crystall skull must be rather… opaque 😉
  • Another leaked video of the UFO spotted in China during the eclipse —pay attention or you’ll miss it.
  • The Americans have always assumed that aliens would want to contact them first —but they fail to realize these would actually be intelligent beings 😛
  • Matt Damon to play Bob Lazar in an upcoming movie? [H/T to The Orange Orb]
  • Jennifer Connelly & her family move out of haunted home —can’t say I blame the ghosts for wanting to stay close to her 😛
  • Is that a fairy caught in the picture of a garden? It’s probably just a bug, but don’t stop clapping just yet…
  • World’s top ten most mysterious & horrible spots —strip malls are not included, because there ain’t nothing mysterious about them.
  • Ancient citadel of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka gets probed —ouch!— with hi-tech tools.
  • Climate change could bring a poisonous cloud of ozone down to the surface —but look at the bright side: it’s a better death than drowning!
  • Norwegian company StatoilHydro unveils floating wind turbine [Video here]
  • A cordless future for electricity? Tesla will at last be vindicated.
  • Pew Pew! : Laser gun to be used against Somali pirates.
  • Religious nutjob attempts to hijack a plane in Mexico —what happened to the good-ole’ secular terrorists, man?

I get by with a little help from my friend Rick 🙂

Quote of the Day:

“Science works for evil when its effect is to provide toys for the rich.”

Freeman Dyson