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So the big news in the Nerdosphere was Marvel being bought by the House of the Mouse. And you all know what happens every time there’s a merger of two big companies, right? Layoffs.

  • NASA’s most awesomely weird mission patches —because astronauts may be cool, but they still watched cartoons on Saturday mornings like the rest of us geeks 😉
  • India’s first Moon probe is lost —what’s the Sanskrit word for “Epic Fail!”?
  • Conspiracy theorist convinces Neil Armstrong Moon landing was faked —those dudes at The Onion are officially on Aldrin’s ‘to punch’ list now 😛
  • Using nothing but the sun to send a telegraph 150 years ago —beat that, Twitter!
  • This is your brain. And this is your brain on Halo —so you may want to reduce your fix of corpse humping, son.
  • Why Christopher Reeves wouldn’t have minded to become a cyborg.
  • The unfortunate sex life of the banana —stop giggling!
  • New understandings in the evolution of the <3.
  • Israeli researchers develop an algorithm that can decipher previously unreadable ancient texts —it would be such a disappointment to discover the Voynich manuscript is nothing but a cook book.
  • WWF warns that Artic ice melt rate is doubling, putting a quarter of the population in possible risk —and the first casualties were 1000 ice men in Berlin.
  • Dozens of birds drop dead in Quebec city —Aïe! @_@
  • Wasteland or Wonderland? The mystery of Chernobyl.
  • Video: 13,000 Mexican zombies danced to the rythm of Thriller to set a new (unofficial) record —and in case you’re wondering: No I didn’t go, ’cause I can’t dance to save my life (or my undeath).
  • …And speaking of Mexican gore: Amazingly preserved mummies of Guanajuato go on display.
  • 1997: Puerto Rico’s “Alien Foetus” —What *IS* it with all these alien babies? Is Earth the planetary equivalent of Tijuana for Zeta Reticuli?? [More here].
  • #1 Fortean podcaster Tim Binnall interviews iconic abduction researcher Budd Hopkins —maybe Budd can answer the alien babies puzzle for us.
  • Wife of new Japanese PM defends his nickname: The Alien —Meh… I once had a girlfriend who called me Bigfoot, after we broke she gave me a farewell present (12 cans of deodorant; go figure).
  • “Is that a long-necked plesiosaur in your loch, or are you just happy to see me?”
  • Chupacabras caught on Texas? You know that monster hunter Nick Redfern currently lives in Texas —so if you add 2+2 on this…
  • Nick also discusses Brad Steiger’s new book on vampires [Amazon US & UK] For a cool coincidence, check out today’s quote!

Thanks Rick & Moonchild.

Quote of the Day:

[…]”You know… there is one thing.” Redfern hesitated, his airline pilot’s confidence fading for a moment. “I do remember something, but it won’t be of any use to you, I don’t think…”
Eph shrugged almost imperceptibly. “We’ll take anything you can give us.”
– “Well, when I blacked out… I dreamed of something —something very old…” The captain looked around, almost ashamedly, then started talking in a very low voice. “When I was a kid… at night… I used to sleep in this big bed in my grandmother’s home. And every night, at midnight, as the bells chimed in the church nearby, I used to see a thing come out from behind a big old armoire. Every night, without fail —it would poke out its black head and long arms and bony shoulders… and stare at me…”
– “Stare?” asked Eph.
– “It had a jagged mouth, with thin, black lips… and it would look at me, and just… smile.”

Excerpt from ‘The Strain’, by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan [Amazon US & UK]