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I am the Eggman. They are the Eggman. I am the LOLrus —Goo goo ga joob.

  • “Michio, Michio man! I want to be a Michio man!” : Michio Kaku discusses NASA funding to find killer asteroids (Video… from FOX Business? WTF!).
  • The Moon: It’s one small step for a Man, but a prohibitively giant dent to the current budget.
  • A *depressing* gallery of abandoned NASA projects 🙁
  • What’s with Wasp-18b, and why hasn’t it burned to the crisp since it orbits its star so closely? They should have named it Moth-18b instead…
  • Is this the reason why those bug-eyed alien buggers need to come to this planet to reproduce?
  • [Video] ‘Abduction by Aliens: Meet the believers’ —I don’t know what’s more annoying: watching Stan Romanek milking his 15 minutes of fame, or all the Sci-Fi movie clips ABC included in the program :-/
  • Regan Lee complaints about the lame, buffoonish use of UFOs in modern TV show plots.
  • A second video of the orb-expelling UFO over Mexico? (And so $#&*ing close to where I live! Aaaaargh!!)
  • Mexican axolotl on the verge of extinction —poor critter never had the chance to grow up.
  • And on the other side of the world, the flying fox —the largest fruit bat and best Batman logo impersonator— also faces extinction.
  • The World Oral Literature Project: An attempt to help cultures under threat from globalisation create lasting records of their native languages —and with Twitter, one of the new threatened languages is English! LOL 😛
  • Peru: Ancient tomb discovered at Huaca Rajada, of what could be the oldest ancestor of the Sipan dinasty.
  • The Mighty Zahi is trying to trace King Tut’s roots —were his ancestors Antlantean, Lemurian, or Hyperborean? 😛
  • “It’s clobbering time!!”: CT scans show Ankylosaur tail was a real bone crusher.
  • 3somes are not just fun, they are also excellent tools to erradicate genetic diseases. You’re welcome, guys 😉
  • Rare condition turns girl’s organs into crystal —Witty punchlines refrained out of respect for the poor child.
  • Listen, right-wing critics of Obama: You got it ALL wrong. Turns out the POTUS is not a secret Muslim… he’s a secret JewishOy Vey!
  • Faked Photographs: Look, and Then Look Again —OK, the Cappa photo is probably a hoax, but who could possibly doubt the authenticity of this jackalope pic? I mean, c’mon!! Look how cheerful that lady looks!
  • An interview with Richard Dawkins, as the release for his new book ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ approaches, galloping like an Apocalypse horseman— Plus sample chapter [Amazon US & UK].
  • Is the coin flip really a fair way of deciding something? Well, let’s see who dares telling it to this guy.
  • …And speaking of fairness: Is it fair to judge a man’s entire life based on a single event? Kennedy’s redemption from the depths.

Muchas gracias to Rick, Greg, & Holly.

Quote of the Day:

“I hope for an America where neither “fundamentalist” nor “humanist” will be a dirty word, but a fair description of the different ways in which people of good will look at life and into their own souls.”

Edward Kennedy; speech on “Truth and Tolerance in America” (Oct. 3, 1983).