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12 babies! All i can think of is Apu’s face when he is told his wife has had 8 babies.

  • Timber structure older than Stonehenge found.
  • British explorer claims to have found the lost underworld of the pharaohs.
  • Meet the Coywolf: Hybrid animals plaguing area east of Toronto.
  • Siriusly red.
  • Dark energy may not actually exist.
  • Herbs can be natural pesticides.
  • Tunisian woman pregnant with 12 babies.
  • DNA evidence can be fabricated.
  • Did asteroids flock together to build planets?
  • Britain’s Roswell: a flying saucer in Suffolk.
  • Comet contains one of life’s precursors.
  • Why humans and their fur parted ways.
  • It’s true: all the best men are taken.
  • Jetpod inventor dies in prototype crash.
  • Astrobiology and the quest for extraterrestrial life.
  • Einstein’s elusive gravitational waves.
  • Evolution does not rob life of meaning, but creates meaning.

Quote of the Day:

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2.