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Double Whammy!!

  • Maybe Angels : An interview with the deliciously controversial Rupert Sheldrake.
  • Darwin wills it!!: Must science declare a holy war on religion?
  • Magic and Cyberspace: Fusing technology & Magical consciousness in the modern world (H/T Richelle Hawks).
  • Chicago scientists finds evidence of high-speed evolution —they should have consulted Bryan Singer & saved the trouble 😉
  • NASA wants to move the Earth —So THAT is where Calvin ended up as a grown-up 😛
  • Spitzer telescope spots swirling stars at the center of the galaxy —all right: where’s Coruscant?
  • Big-ass Martian meteorite reveals clues into the red planet’s past.
  • “Have Joy” : Whitley Strieber ponders about the cryptic message that his teachers/tormentors said to him on their last meeting.
  • The newest installment in the mystery of the Flying Triangles, brought to you by Micah @ the Gralien report.
  • “Take me to your leader, eh?” : 2008 bumper year in Canada for UFO reports.
  • Airships will be the saviors of Suburbia (H/T Mac Tonnies).
  • The Iron Giant, Brad Bird’s tour de force, is 10 years old; and it’s pacifist message is more needed than ever.
  • Russia is preparing their own Star Wars program —don’t they know by now that Ronnie was bluffing?? If you want to know what I mean, read Emperor’s essay in Darklore 3, Amazon US & UK.
  • Oldies but deadlies: Plague strikes China.
  • Global population to hit 7 billion in 2011; & 9 billion in 2050 . I submit this simple solution to the problem of overpopulation: Free unrestricted WoW —Ain’t I a genius?
  • Video: The young, the restless & the NOOBs.
  • “LOL pagliaciiiii…..” : Royal Opera House to perform Twitter opera.
  • E-coli inside: Computers built from living bacteria.
  • Archeologists discover the Iron-Age equivalent of the Amazon store.
  • Killer whales dig the Russian night clubs.
  • German Jews want ‘Mein Kampf’ reprinted —What is it with you people & masochism? Oy!
  • German veteran, 90, jailed for Nazi war crimes —I kinda suspect it will be a rather short sentence.
  • Video: ‘What is that?’, by Constantin Pilavios —see the short, and then go call your dad.

Thanks Rick, Greg & Kat.

Quote of the Day:

You ought to be concerned with the duties of all men: to be just, and to be happy.
You have to save yourself.

Jorge Luis Borges