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News Briefs 21-07-2009

Stanley Kubrick – how could he?

  • July eclipse is best chance to look for gravity anomaly.
  • Strange new Air Force facility energizes ionosphere and fans conspiracy flames.
  • California’s channel islands hold evidence Of Clovis-age comets.
  • Is the sun missing its spots?
  • One giant leap to nowhere.
  • How Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings.
  • Get smarter.
  • What went wrong with economics.
  • Tough microbe has the right stuff for Mars.
  • Another fogged image of Stephan’s Quintet.
  • The 10 alleged worst evolutionary designs.
  • The calorie delusion.
  • China finds new warriors at terracotta army site.
  • Growing sea lamprey embryos dramatically alter genomes.
  • Dust cloud circled entire globe.

Quote of the Day:

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

  1. HAARP
    Its great that finally more people are learning about this project. I discovered it a few years back in a series of incredibly strange events. I live in Fairbanks, and I was walking in the woods in the dead of winter behind the the UAF campus, and I found a research station which seemed to be monitoring very bizarre things, the whole site was arranged in a pentagon. I later learned that this station was related to HAARP, and a bit north of Fairbanks was another installment of the project, sort of partner stations to the one down in Gakona. I think this project may shape very important events to come.

      So I guess the moral of the story is: It is OK to lie, if it’s in the name of Science.

      If instead of a ionospheric study this pork money would have been granted to a private company —say AIG for example— there would have been hearings in Congress demanding explanations.

      Granted: the money these scientists obtained was a fraction of what your usual BlackOps cost; and there’s nothing wrong with spending money on basic research —much to the contrary.

      …But I still think they acted dishonestly.

      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

      1. Ummm…
        Memo to HAARP scientists: if you want to get refunded by the military, best not to talk to reporters and tell them on the record that you keep coming up with fake military reasons for running a science lab.

        That Wired article I think was supposed to be a positive piece on HAARP, but all it seemed to show that everyone involved is either telling lies or getting inside jobs on which they go overbudget.

        Kind regards,
        You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. How Jay Weidner Faked A Blog Post
    Jay Weidner. How could he!

    I’m sure he actually wrote a blog post, almost certainly on the subject of the post that appears. He’s quite capable of writing such a post. So one has to wonder why, if he could write one, and probably did, why did he have someone write a fake blog post and post it in his name, instead of the one he wrote?

    There are probably people that say that his posts are all faked for all kinds of ridiculous reasons. They are conspiracy nuts, whereas he is obviously of sound if not superior mind. He has been posting them all along, so he obviously could have posted his own. Why then would he have someone else write an article in his name and post it on his blog?

    I’m going to use up precious minutes of your life which you can never replace by holding forth sanctimoniously on page after page because that makes me appear to sound authoritative, and badger you with irrelevant details that I will claim support my ridiculous assertion despite claims to the contrary by those who actually did those things. They obviously did them to make you think they did them for their stated reasons, as a means of disinformation. By the time I am done you will believe as Jay and I do, that by putting a sign that says “Big Black Cadillac Limousine” on the side of the little yellow ‘special’ school bus, it becomes that luxury conveyance. Jay’s the driver. Just ask him. He’s in the back seat.

    I didn’t write this. I could have, and in fact wrote one very much like it. But I had someone else write another and post it as though it were mine.

    You didn’t read this. You read something very similar elsewhere, but you had someone else read this one and pretend it was you reading it.

    No, I am not the brain specialist…..
    YES. Yes I AM the brain specialist.

    PS: The faked moon walk I saw was done by CBS in their own studio. It was to simulate what the Apollo 12 crew was doing, since they pointed their camera at the sun and fried it very early in their EVA. Although to fill even more time Walter Cronkite interviewed Arthur Clarke, there wasn’t a Kubrik in sight.

  3. Pottery Arms Buildup
    Man, I can’t wait til they crack open the Emperor’s tomb. Most likely untouched due to the mercury levels, the contents should be spectacular.

    As for the terracotta warriors, think, there must have been a day when they all stood in formation surrounding the tomb before burial. Unreal.

    1. Hi Tihz!
      Good to see you commenting again, man.

      totally off topic, but I wonder if you could share with us what’s been happening over in China with all those ethnic fights. it would be really interesting to know what you’ve observed “from the inside”.


      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

      1. Hola!
        Good to be “back” as it were. Been so busy at work but I was thinking of posting a few items when I can. They might even get TDG banned by the Chinese Great Firewall! Sorry Greg! HAHA!

        Cheers Amigo 😀

  4. So many topics
    First, as regards the “Face on Mars” and the “Moon landing hoax”, in some theosophist religions the Moon and Mars were believed to be inhabited, Note this summation from Richard Kieninger’s “Ultimate Frontier”:

    “Seven billion years ago men on the planet Klarion evolved into Archangels. These archangels from Klarion then created stars, including our own Sun. Each solar system has its own archangel, in our case Melchisedek, who we know as G*d. Every planet in our solar system has an angelic host.”

    So naturally Richards’s follower, friend, and business partner David Hatcher Childress promoted and sold both idiocies, as he knew they appealed to his target market.

    Second, HAARP. Jim Keith was approached by Ron Bonds to write a knock off of “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”, but as he was busy
    he threw the project to his partner Jerry E. Smith. When Bonds rejected Smith’s manuscript, Jerry approached David Hatcher Childress, who picked it up as an Adventures Unlimited Press title, with Jerry getting 15% royalty. Jerry had founded the National UFO Museum in Reno using props from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, as he knew the prop master from the LA science fiction scene, and had been selling David’s books at the museum.

    They’re having a memorial service for Jerry here today in Kempton.
    I’m not invited. I understand that Jerry’s friend George Picard has not shown up.

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