News Briefs 06-07-2009

To all you mathematicians out there: What are the odds that it was ‘just a coincidence’ that both the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks occurred on the same days, and in the same ways and places, as the simulated terrorist-attack response drills that were taking place?

Thanks, Greg. And a big thanks to RPJ for fixxoring a couple of links today, while I was dead to the world.

Quote of the Day:

Why has Andy Hayman’s book been banned? Well I’m damned if I know. Your correspondent has actually read the book (and it’s not half bad). I also know what the passage is that is causing all the fuss, and frankly I’m utterly puzzled. Under the terms of an injunction that no-one is allowed to see I’m not allowed to tell you what the passage is or why it’s so controversial. Clear as mud eh? Maybe they should redact a few pages and put it on sale anyway, that seems the usual course of action for the authorities in this age of transparency.

Its being said in some circles that the AG and the CPS only got to see the book a few days ago. Well, again, I’m aware that the book was circulated to a range of agencies a couple of months ago and some of them came back with requests for changes which were, by and large, accepted. The CPS didn’t respond until this week.

The book they tried to ban — still on sale. Don rings in from, well he didn’t say where. He’s just bought The Terrorist Hunters (Andy Hayman’s book that’s apparently banned from sale) in his local Sainsbury’s. Only £9.99 he says. He’s enjoying reading it but he’s struggling to understand exactly what bit he’s not supposed to read. Unfortunately we couldn’t tell him. State secret. Need to know. Further happenings in the High Court next Thursday.

Sean O’Neill, Crime Editor of The Times, in his blog posts of 2 July and 3 July, 2009.