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Yes, today, I actually searched Google News for “time machine” — after daydreaming about going back to see the Parthenon in its heyday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Physicist Ronald Mallett thinks he’s come up with a way to build a time machine.
  • Star Trek’s warp drive is not impossible: Researchers have already found possible signatures of moving space-time.
  • Summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge draws record crowd. The Daily Mail’s fabulous photos.
  • Archaeologists discover spectacular underground quarry in the Jordan Valley north of Jericho, which they say may mark a site sacred to ancient Christians.
  • Dig at the ‘Pompeii of the New World’ in El Salvador reveals manioc was the mainstay of Maya agriculture.
  • The origins of the ‘gloriously right’ Parthenon, and the continuing outrage that half its faรงade is still in London.
  • The buried truths in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue tunnel, rumored to hold everything from the lost pages of John Wilkes Booth’s diary to bodies dumped by mobsters.
  • Large math error means dinosaurs were actually much lighter and sleeker than previously thought. New lighter, faster T Rex could probably turn on a dime – just like your ancestral memories always warned you.
  • For hundreds of years, stories and sightings of supposedly surviving dinosaurs have come out of the jungles of central Africa. Loren Coleman asks, What if they’re mammals?
  • Cryptomundo also details recent sightings of merbeings, and scientists’ reevaluation of the fossil of what they’re now calling a ‘mystery ape’, which doesn’t fit any category of hominid or any ape category.
  • Researchers devise a more accurate method of dating ancient human migration – even when no corroborating archaeological evidence exists.
  • In New Mexico, work begins on the world’s first commercial space port.
  • Tweet me to the moon; let me play among the nerds.
  • The weirdest object in the solar system?
  • Volcanic blasts kicked off modern ice ages.
  • Earthquake trigger found in ancient rock.
  • Mind-enhancing drugs: Are they a no-brainer? Johann Hari’s personal experience.
  • Common fish species has ‘human ability’ to learn. Poor thing.
  • Greener diet – literally – reduces climate-changing burps of methane from cows. Awww – what a sweet photo.
  • Scientists have reconstructed sea level fluctuations over the past 520,000 years. Comparison with global climate data and CO2 levels in Antarctic ice cores suggests that, even at today’s CO2 levels, seas will rise much more than previous long-term projections.
  • Major polluters meet in Mexico on climate challenge. The talks come as international support is growing for a Mexican proposal to raise billions of dollars to fight climate change through a so-called ‘Green Fund.’
  • Prince Charles vindicated: Study shows talking to plants helps them grow. And, no joke, the plant that grew the most had been listening to Sarah Darwin, great-great-granddaughter of Charles, reading On the Origin of Species.
  • The plant that pretends to be ill. I wonder who thought white correction fluid might come in handy in the jungle?
  • Plants talk to each other to warn of dangerous predators.
  • Time bomb: More than 80% of the world’s wheat crop could be wiped out as UG99 fungus spreads from Africa, scientists say.
  • Bacteria found to exhibit anticipatory behavior.
  • Extreme life thrives where the livin’ ain’t easy.
  • Britain’s oldest ghost caught on camera in a prehistoric cave at Kent’s Cavern, the country’s most ancient inhabited site.

Quote of the Day:

…did you know, for example, that the Parthenon forms, if viewed from the sky, a perfect equilateral triangle with the Temple of Aphaea, on the island of Aegina, and the Temple of Poseidon, at Cape Sounion?

Christopher Hitchens, in today’s article about the ‘gloriously right’ Parthenon.