News Briefs 29-05-2009

In and out of focus…

Tremendous thanks to Kat & Greg & RPJ

Quote of the Day:

“Time turns elastic…”

T. Anastasio

  1. Acupuncture
    It’s all in how you sell it.

    Clearly, someone told the bureaucrats they would be “sticking it to the patients”. Result, unanimous approval!!

  2. rising sea levels…
    what a load of crap…….when are we going to get real science instaed of junk, political lead science……The average bloke in the country towns think climate change is bullsh*t…so do I. I hope they all get over it soon…..maybe this media hiped fake pandemic might swing the attention for a little while. Then what????

    “Life can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you do what your told.”

  3. permafrost
    the problem of permafrost is extremely important as a factor of global warming. Its outlined pretty nicely in 6 degrees. Its melting at an exponential rate in Fairbanks, as one notices, with houses that have stood for many years succumbing to sinking soil

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