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‘Easy’; ‘Normal’; ‘Hard’; ‘Insane’. Life doesn’t let you choose these settings before starting the game… or does it?

  • Have you heard the hum?
  • Electrocution: it doesn’t actually kill you the way you think it does — although if you had this in mind, and are thinking it must mother-effing hurt, you’re right.
  • Angels & Demons: What’s Behind those funky ambigrams created by John Langdon — and No, that’s not a coincidence.
  • A (blue) tiger? In Africa China?? (With my excuses to Monty Python.)
  • The Munns Report: A new study of the famous Patterson-Gimly film, conducted by Gigantopithecus creator Bill Munns. Ain’t he a proud dad?
  • BBC’s Primeval will go to the Big Screen —because the Yanks need things to be bigger in order to like them. 😛
  • Komodo dragons don’t spit fire, but the nasty bacteria cocktail in their mouths is just as deadly. ‘Komodo breath’ is my new favorite insult.
  • Majora Carter thinks polar bears are as dated as Michael Jackson. She rather we focused on jobs instead.
  • Solving the mystery of Ice Age cycles is like riding on the back of Moby Dick — and you know how well THAT went…
  • Biologists say planet is undergoing mass species extinction. No worries, though: turns out Life on Earth is pretty darn hard to wipe out.
  • If you don’t like the prospect of getting older, the CDC has something to cheer you up.
  • Widower of the first US citizen to die of swine flu is seeking to file lawsuit against Smithfield Foods (the US company that runs Granjas Carroll in Mexico).
  • Don’t be pigs: WHO urged drugmakers to reserve some of their pandemic swine flu vaccine for poor countries — with little result, I’m afraid.
  • And don’t be dicks, while we’re at it: AstraZeneca launched a public relations push to get doctors to prescribe its best-selling psychiatric drug Seroquel for a string of uses that were not approved by safety regulators.
  • The last flu epidemic shows us that all the world’s a laboratory…. MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! >:)
  • Why are boys more at risk of Autism than girls? Researchers say they have found a genetic clue that might explain the disparity. But here’s an Autism activist who hopes he doesn’t get cured!
  • Ancient handle with Hebrew text found in Jerusalem. Proving that ‘Menachem’ has been a favorite name among Jews for 3000 years. Oy Vey!
  • German historians are working on a new exhibition of a Teutonic battle that wiped out 3 Roman legions in 9 A.D. Because there’s nothing like bragging about the deeds of your ancestors, eh Earthling? 😉
  • Meet the first British astronaut.
  • “They flooooat”: A UFO spotted over Arizona was a research balloon launched by NASA to measure gamma rays.
  • UFO Encounter at the Indian Point Nuclear Complex.
  • Acclaimed sci-fi writer Rudy Rucker thinks the hills and everything are alive… but not with the sound of music. Watch a video of one of his presentations (be warned: he’s not the most professional of speakers).
  • Dan Aykroyd is prepared to put on the ole’ proton pack next winter.
  • Uruguay and the entire Spanish-speaking world mourns the loss of the great novelist and poet Mario Benedetti.

Thanks Rick & Mario.

Quote of the Day:

To accept Death is to diminish its importance.

Mario Benedetti (1920-2009)

A person like Mario doesn’t die. He’s seeded [in the earth].

Tabaré Vázquez, President of Uruguay