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Stephen Hawking Hospitalized

Recent news report that scientific celebrity Stephen Hawking has been hospitalized and is currently undergoing some tests.

According to his Cambridge collaborators, Hawking has been unwell for the past few weeks —he wasn’t able to attend the past Origins Symposium on April 6 due to a chest infection, although he did manage to send a video lecture.

Hawking is arguably the most famous living scientist of our time. The degenerative illness he has been fighting against during most of his life, added to the incredible insight he’s gained on the nature of black holes, have turned him into a popular celebrity. He has tried to make science accessible to all people, first with his best-seller book ‘A Brief History of Time’, and more recently by teaming up with his daughter Lucy in a series of children books.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Hawking and his family.

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