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WHO knows where swine flu came from. Or pigs might fly.

  • WHO: 40 confirmed swine flu cases in US, no deaths.
  • Swine flu is same strain as the pandemic of 1918.
  • Google swine flu.
  • A search for evidence of interplanetary and atmospheric microbial delivery systems.
  • Freedom of expression, dissenting historians and the holocaust revisionists.
  • The singer not the song.
  • The death of 100%.
  • Economic crisis in the EU: the numbers.
  • Shadow government statistics.
  • Where is all the antimatter?
  • Walnuts may help fight breast cancer.
  • Green is a mirage.
  • Dinosaurs lived in the Arctic. Or maybe ECDs happen.
  • The 2012 Apocalyspe and how to stop it.
  • Dino killing asteroid theory takes a fresh hit.
  • AI cracks 4000 year-old mystery.
  • Sungrazers or an earlier version of them.
  • Questions, not answers, make science the ultimate adventure.
  • Imagine another wet, rocky planet.

Quote of the Day:

The men of future generations will yet win many a liberty of which we do not even feel the want

Max Stirner