News Briefs 21-04-2009

Assorted ghosts and goblins for all those too sick to go to the doctor.

Quote of the Day:

To say that we dont fundamentally understand the process and that’s why we are not going to study it is like saying I am too sick to go to the doctor.

Rob Duncan

  1. Comments on the content of two stories…
    Story: “60 Minutes: Cold Fusion”

    Quotes from article:
    “The careers of Fleischmann and Pons were destroyed as quickly as a nuclear flash – names once linked to a Nobel Prize were forgotten by nearly everyone. And most of the scientific world today is happy to leave it that way.”

    “Martin Fleischmann, the man who announced cold fusion to the world, is hindered by years, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and maybe a little bitterness.”

    “A little bitterness”? You think? To have years of fulltime study, and then years of practical work experience “flushed” by “peers”? The pursuit of truth in fields of science is not about playing it safe and doing what everybody else is doing. That’s not how science is advanced. The only appropriate response to someone trying something different in science is respect and support.

    Story: “The Hawthorne Effect: why parents swear by ineffective treatments for autism.”

    Quote from article: “In dealing with other medical problems, like the common cold, I’ve always annoyed medication-seeking parents by pointing out the obvious: If there is any illness for which 100 treatments are available, you can be sure that none of them works.”

    What a dimwit! This guy’s car keys should be taken away, and he should be segregated from children lest he stunt their intellectual development. “Edison and his associates worked on at least three thousand different theories to develop an efficient incandescent lamp.”( So if the answer to a problem that society needs a solution to (reliable lighting, autism, cheap non-polluting energy sources) takes more than a few tries to find a solution, then the person who keeps trying to find a solution is worthy of being deliberately “annoyed” (harassed)???. What a poisonous, self-centered twit. But what goes around, comes around. I hope he enjoys it when its his time “before the mast”.

    1. Autism
      I think the other article in Slate regarding Autism is a better read.

      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

    1. It would be nice
      There’s definitely something there. Maybe not ‘fusion’, but definitely something interesting.

      Alas, I think the investigation is going too slowly, which is understandable. So I don’t see Fleishmann receiving recognition during his lifetime.

      But we could always make a public apology to his descendants, as well as a really big & nice statue, like the one made in homage of Nicola Tesla 🙂

      It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
      It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

      Red Pill Junkie

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