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Mosquitoes are the IRS of the Animal kingdom: it’s bad enough that they suck your blood, but why do they have to be so F*%#&G ANNOYING???!!!

  • How would Dr. Evil get rid of those pesky mosquitoes? With a freaking *laser* that’s how! MUAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!
  • And you know what freaking *lasers* are good for, too? Triggering nuclear fusion. MUAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!
  • Earth Hour 2009: A cool animated gallery on this event’s effect on some of the major cities of the world—try to find out which one of the lights kept on belong to Earthling’s apartment 😛
  • A humble example of why those grandiose geo-engineering schemes to fix global Warming should remain on the drawing board… for now.
  • To cure that tummy ache, there’s nothing like Grandma’s chicken soup. To cure the ENTIRE PLANET? There’s nothing like the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.
  • The new enemy of Atheism: the new Atheist movement.
  • Data miners find hidden exoplanet in Hubble’s old files. They also found many stars on my old files—the kind with fake breasts, puffed lips, and tattoos on their… nether regions.
  • Mysterious Dark Matter possibly detected. Is it time to call the Nobel committee?
  • Is Chelation therapy a sensible treatment for autism, or an immoral money scam? And what’s a concerned parent of an autistic child supposed to do then?
  • Coupable jusqu’à preuve du contraire (guilty until proven otherwise). That’s how Sarkozy wants to solve the problem of digital piracy in France.
  • Conficker: The worm that destroyed the Internet. Starting… NOW. Um… any minute now… still waiting… OK so I guess it was a false alar%%%%%%&&&&&&&&&&&&##########…….
  • [Video] Genetic Snobism: David Ewing Duncam brags about his super enzyme for longevity.
  • Marble slabs were the Twitter of 2000 BC: Inscription from the time of Alexander the Great – found in Baktria, land of origin of ancient Bulgarians.
  • Dragging tail or swinging tail? Feathers or no feathers? Upright necks or level heads? Somebody had better be working on that damn time machine to get this over with!!
  • Seems that British Cro-Magnons were a very nourishing diet for prehistoric cats.
  • Nick Redfern —the ‘Joey Ramone’ of Cryptozoology— writes about the “phantom wallabies” of the British Isles.
  • Yep, that old lady at the Scottish castle is sure spooky, but is she a ghost? There’s new evidence which seems to back up this claim.
  • Newsweek covers the Great UFO Hoax of 2009. But we’re still in April! Surely there’s a creative jackass with ample free time who can top it.
  • Lech Walesa, one of the key players in the demise of the Comunist block, threatens to leave Poland over allegations of being a former communist informer—which is like saying that the Pope manages a secret brothel at the Vatican.
  • Farewell to Raúl Alfonsín, the man who restored democracy & dignity in Argentina. Gardel & Borges will greet him at Heaven’s gates.
  • There’s no law for taste in clothing. Except in Israel, thank God. Now if they could only do something to improve their pilots’ intel
  • Now that ‘toxic assets’ are called ‘legacy assets’ & the ‘War on Terror’ is now the ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’, there’s a tragically misunderstood minority group that seek to rebrand themselves.

Thanks Kat; & thanks Rick, who is—despite what Lula says—the kindest & nicest blue-eyed person I’ve ever met 😉

Quote of the Day:

“For me, atheism’s roots are in a sober and modest assessment of where reason and evidence lead us. That means the real enemy is not religion as such, but any kind of system of belief that does not respect these limits on our thinking. For that reason, I want to engage with thoughtful, intelligent believers, and isolate extremists. But if we demonise all religion, such coalitions of the reasonable are not possible. Instead, we are likely to see moderate religious believers join ranks with fundamentalists, the enemies of their enemy, to resist what they see as an attempt to wipe out all forms of religious belief.”

Julian Baggini