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In the evening of March 13th 1997, a massive v-shaped UFO was observed by multiple witnesses gliding silently across Arizona skies. This event was dubbed the Phoenix Lights, due to the bulk of witnesses being in the Phoenix area. Most people only saw lights in a v-formation, but many reported seeing a solid boomerang-like object. The official explanation and pseudoskeptic’s favourite is military flares, but eyewitness accounts (including photography and video) completely contradict this. Researcher Steve Hammons revisits the Phoenix Lights with a terrific summary.

At the UFO Chronicles, Captain Trig Johnston (ret.) gives an exclusive account of what he saw and experienced that night in 1997. Believe me, this is not to be missed. The UFO Chronicles will be presenting Phoenix Lights material throughout March.

Re-released this week is the documentary Phoenix Lights 3 (Amazon US), packed with new interviews and information. Produced by Dr Lynne Kitei and two other Phoenix Lights witnesses, Dr Rebecca Hardcastle and Terri Mansfield, the documentary has interviews with former Arizona governor Fife Symington, Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, commercial pilot testimonies, and more evidence. If reading is more your style, Dr Kitei also co-authored The Phoenix Lights with Paul Perry and Dr Gary Schwartz (Amazon US & UK).

What do you think of the Phoenix Lights: military flares, secret black-ops technology, or something from beyond our world? The Phoenix Lights UFO event is the Roswell of our generation, so do yourself a favour and read up on this incredible night in 1997.