News Briefs 24-03-2009

Cold confusion today. Post your thoughts.

  • Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe.
  • New life for cold fusion. More on cold fusion here.
  • Water acts as a catalyst in explosives.
  • Star explodes and so might theory.
  • Cancer drug fuels tumour growth. I thought blood vessels carried oxygen to tumours to help kill the tumour.
  • Let it die: Rushkoff on the economy.
  • UK releases archive UFO files.
  • Alaskan volcano erupts.
  • Special yoghurt fights stomach ulcers.
  • Alcohol flush signals cancer risk.
  • Body illusions: leave your body behind.
  • Nanotube tech transforms CO2 into fuel.
  • Fears on Australia web clampdown.
  • A team of amoebas billions strong.
  • Superconducting sheets and gravitational waves.
  • Scientists can see your brain making mistakes.

Quotes of the Day:

Not by wrath does one kill, but by laughter.

Friedrich Nietzsche

  1. New UK UFO files: Interest in the Voronezh Close Encounter
    This is a transcript from the pages 124-125 of first PDF file of the recently released MoD cases (which you can download here):


    UFO OFFICIAL! BBC RADIO 4 ‘PM’ 17.00 hrs

    Amazing Day. Comes from Tass. 300 miles SE of MOSCOW Town called VORONYESH (?) something like this. Shining silver orb. 3 giants with small heads wen for a short walk in the park! We are not given a date of time. Radio 4 BBC gave just ‘recently’. Tass voice says he doesn’t think it’s a joke as TASS hasn’t got mcuh of a sense of humour, but he isn’t taking it seriously… depression in ground, traces of unknown stuff 73 days to the Winter Solstice…
    Found it—VORONEZH Almost South of MOSCOW.

    Its on the RIVER DON and, approx, is at
    51° 48′ N LAT / 51° 35′ 36″ N LAT /
    / was CETI
    39°20’E LONG/4° 10′ 42″W LONG /


    TUESDAY OCT 10 17.00

    Official from R.G.S. [Striked out with ‘Section 40′ title]

    VORONEZH (ex WW2 Battlefield) is
    51°40′ N LAT
    39°13’ E LONG

    There is another Voronezh! and would you believe it is almost exactly on the same Latitude…

    51°46′ N LAT
    33°30′ E LONG


    This means that between GOWER (Original CETI at Winter Solstice 1981) and main Voronezh there is only 5′ LAT


    Released to World Media October 9 1989
    Considerable press following day. (See enclosed D. Mail 10.10.’89)


    This seems to be the beginning of the sequence. It’s a ‘double match’ in that:

    1. There are TWO VORONEZHS
    If that isn’t sign enough consider,
    a) Both of these towns are almost exactly on the same latitude.

    VORONEZH ‘A’ (The suspected location of alien walkabout) is:
    51°40′ N LAT and 39°13′ E LONG.
    51°46′ N LAT and 33°30′ E LONG

    2. The clincher is that the original CETI ‘contact’ was at THE STONE OF CETI at Winter Solstice exactly at 22.51 Hrs DEC 21 1981. Its location is:
    51°35’36” N LAT and 4°10’42” W LONG.

    Original CETI (no aliens seen) on 51°35′ S.WALES at Winter Solstice ’81
    This CETI (aliens present) on 51°40′ LAT. Winter Solstice minus 72 days ’89
    a differene of just 5′! and almost eight years. 8 is sign of infinity.
    Whilst all three lay within 11′ of each other.


    Expect another ‘sighting’ and on or around the same latitude.

    So… what do we make of all this? Why do they show such amazement to the fact that there are two towns in Russian with the same name (Voronezh).

    They seem to link this case with another one that happened in South Wales in ‘81, during the Winter Solstice.

    What does ‘double match’ mean?

    What exactly does CETI stand for?

    Also, what does GOWER stand for?

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

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