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“What’s the story, morning glory?”

  • If Science confirms we’re all living in a Holographic Universe… do we still have to pay our taxes next April?
  • Worship of Virgin Mary apparition banned in Africa. The guys in Rome says you gotta follow the rules, see? You have to do things by the book. I mean what would happen if… Oops! Never mind :-/
  • Angels & Demon Hounds of WWI.
  • A green comet approaches Earth. Confusing, since I was under the impression that Superman had already arrived.
  • Obama’s pledge to seek a ban on space weapons got rants from both the Pentagon, and die-hard Trekkies who are dying to see REAL phasers in action.
  • Video interview of Nick Pope explaining how the RAF has desperately attempted to prevent Prince Charles from becoming King… by igniting a War of the Worlds.
  • Alien Safari, part I: Slime Worlds“Yeeha! that 3-headed critter is gonna luck mighty fine on top of mah fireplace” 😛
  • In his newest book, ‘The next 100 years’ (Amazon US & UK), George Friedman envisions another century of American hegemony, infantrymen armored in Mecha-suits, and a possible war between the US and… Mexico?? Mierda!! @_@
  • Are you in the White House Not-Terrorist list? It’s easy! you just have to PROVE you’re not a terrorist.
  • The war of Man vs Malaria continues, with a few small victories on our side.
  • Sponge Bob’s oldest ancestors found on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Horton hears a WTF?: ‘Seuss-like’ Sea Creatures discovered in a marine reserve near Tasmania.
  • Ancient snake found in South America was as long as a *fraking* bus. But are the mammoth reptiles truly extinct?
  • You know, you should stop using the term ‘bird-brained’ as an insult…
  • For our ancestors, big brains were not as important as strong jaws.
  • Living in a cave is not so gloomy if you have a few chocolates to cheer you up.
  • Pimp my Pyramid… NOT!!!
  • Another controversial discovery from the shipwreck salvage company Oddysey. This time, it’s the Brits who are pissed.
  • It’s nice to know modern roboticists are following the guidelines of Brad Bird to create self-assembling automatons (Video).
  • Being the leader of humanity after Judgement Day is a pretty stressing gig. I hope the movie is worth it, though… Oh! BTW, guess WHERE they’re filming it.
  • …But Bale is not the only scary Batman you should be weary of in America (H/T UFO Mystic).
  • Aslan fears coming to Mexico and flees to Australiapussy!
  • Tempted to click on that ‘Marry an Ukranian Girl’ website, aren’t you; you might want to make sure first that your bride-to-be is not a member of Asgarda.

Thanks Greg & Filip.

Quote of the Day:

“I predict the US won’t switch to solar [energy] until somebody figures out a way to meter sunlight, so some small group of already-extremely-rich bastards can charge an outrageous price for it.”