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News Briefs 26-01-2009

Kat’s away today to clean up her apartment after firemen hosed everything with foam to put out a small fire; thankfully she and the cats are okay. Advice to the kids: if you’re going to burn an effigy of Dick Cheney, do it outside.

Quote of the Day:

I don’t think humans react fast enough or are clever enough to handle what’s coming up. Kyoto was 11 years ago. Virtually nothing’s been done except endless talk and meetings.

James Lovelock

  1. Ghost of a girl in a white dress
    [quote]Most people theorize that it is the vengeful ghost of a hitchhiker who was picked up and violently murdered and now taking revenge.[/quote]

    I fail to understand why the author decided to use the image of a transvestite prostitute to illustrate “the vengeful ghost of a hitchhiker.”

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure most of those fatal accidents had to do more with other kinds of spirits—specifically, the ones you can find inside a bottle.

    BTW, Thank God the Holiday season is over, and with it the annual Alcohol tests checkpoints here in Mexico city performed by the police. Now don’t get me wrong here! The figures show this program is a great success to diminish mortality rates due to driving under the influence of alcohol. What I cannot stand is that the Police officers use it as an opportunity to racketeer & extort the citizenship. If you are found with alcohol levels above of what the law permits, you can end up in a crowded freezing jail cell with no bed, blankets or a decent toilet—unless you have the money to prevent it.

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

    1. One of the 33 percentile perhaps?
      In a democracy the majority prevails.

      The vast majority of people polled do not approve of Bush.

      Therefore as the majority prevails, so let the majority be happy, Bush is gone, yippee, yea!!

      Those who make up the minority…well they will just have to suck it up, sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

      That is unless you do not agree with democracy…


    2. Bad luck
      [quote=zsitchin]The Bush and Cheney comments don’t add anything to my enjoyment of this site. [/quote]

      Eight years of Bush and Cheney didn’t add anything to the enjoyment of life for millions of people either.

      It’s a joke, as I was covering Kat’s news which usually have a few anti-Bush links, and she did have a house fire that caused a lot of damage. But nice to know you care more about Dick Cheney than if Kat’s okay.

      1. Stalked by Murphy
        >> … I was covering Kat’s news which usually have a few anti-Bush links, and she did have a house fire that caused a lot of damage.

        I’d comment, but I’m too tired.


        1. Sorry about the fire…
          I wish you well and hope that things quickly get back to normal for you.

          On the lighter side at least Bush can’t be blamed for that…or can he? :0


  2. Scratched by a succubus…?
    [quote]he (Robbie Williams) woke up with weird scratches on his body.

    He was concerned about the wounds as they are in places he cannot reach. (like common sense?)

    And now Rob and his kooky pals are blaming them on a succubus – a female demon thought to have sex with men as they sleep.[/quote]

    Yeah, right.

    Well he could try taking some histamine as what he has is similar to an allergy which manifests itself as welts often looking like being scratched or whipped.

    My wife had this for a while and these welts would appear suddenly and looked just like fingers scratches or whip marks.

    The doctor (sans crystals and drums) prescribed some histamine and they were gone. It was also explained that sometimes stress and or a change of diet can bring this about. She did notice the welts appeared more when she felt stress. After a few months they dissipated never to return.

    Was it a succubus? Well if we lived in the middle ages then of course it was… Or maybe if one wanted media attention…right? Hahaha!


  3. Josef Mengele ‘created twin town in Brazil…?
    Or maybe because of Josef Mengele’s fascination with twins he was drawn to this town to investigate why there are so many twins there.

    That version of the story is not very news or book worthy…and reporting the news or writing a book is a business after all. So better to run with the story Josef Mengele created the “twin” town. Now if we can only work in the UFO alien angle… 🙂


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