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Welcome to the Future my friends, for that is the place where you & I will spend the rest of our lives.

  • Greg Bishop shares with us the predictions Criswell made for 1966 in The Tonight Show; after that, enjoy the song Mae West wrote & sang for Criswell, her dear friend “who was correct 90% of the time—tested!.”
  • Recipe for fake Lunar regolith done here on Earth: Go to Montana & start choppin’ some friggin’ rocks, son!
  • NASA’s Big Cheese Mike Griffin is stepping down on ‘Hope Day’ (Jan 20th). Who will replace him?
  • Thanks to Dan Brown, we now know Galileo was a member of the Illuminati; and in 2009 with the beginning of the International Astronomy year, it’s time to launch the REAL Illuminati Project.
  • Mom likes to dress in many layers to protect her children, and scientists have identified a new one they call a “warm plasma cloak.”
  • The hormone that makes mothers & babies bond also helps us to remember strangers’ faces. Man… I don’t even remember my High-school classmates’ faces 🙁
  • This is your brain; and THIS is your brain aging. Any questions?
  • LSD, The Movie: Life of R.D. Laing will be brought to the big screen. Trailer is expected to appear during the theatrical release of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 😉
  • Wanted: Psychic children, from ages four to fifteen, capable of bending spoons or seeing dead people.
  • Whitley Strieber has a frightening encounter with an eerily familiar blue light that caused a bit of mayhem.
  • Genuine UFOs over the Garden State, or just road flares attached to helium balloons? Watch the video and decide.
  • In Britain, all UFO sightings will now be dealt with—and solved too?— at RAF High Wycombe.
  • Argentina: UFOs and ‘Katchinas’.
  • It seems that all Hale breaks loose once again in the ‘Bigfoot Hoax Department’.
  • “Mirror, mirror on the fish/ Who’s the spookiest of them all?”
  • WWF’s 9 species to watch in 2009 (H/T Earthfiles).
  • Ten extinct beasts that could walk the Earth again. Dodo for Thanksgiving 2020? Yummmy!
  • How humongous winged reptiles —big as a giraffe!— got airborne… we think.
  • Beware of the six-legged Talibans! Terrorists could use insects to transport biological weapons.
  • The cyborgs are at hand. Darpa’s prosthetic arm gives amputees new hope.
  • There’s nothing innovative about wind power. Persians were using it 5000 years ago (H/T Unknown Country).
  • Last Thursday marked the 15th Anniversary of the Zapatista’s uprising; which *obviously* prompted the reappearance of this guy, doing what he does best: Ranting. Meanwhile in the Caribbean, other ‘rebels’ celebrated too…

Thanks to Kat & Rick. I predict that 2009 will be a great year for you, that Greg will win the Nobel prize—causing the collective suicide of Randi & Phil Plait—and that we’ll all spend our holidays on the Moon.

Quote of the Day:

“Our destiny is live in question, to struggle and wonder. And, I believe […] that this is, perhaps, our true glory and our blessing. We can bow before the grandeur of God and the vastness of the mystery that surrounds us. We can know it. But we can never, finally and forever, bring it into focus.”

Whitley Strieber