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On the first day of Christmas, RPJ gave to me
A bunch of cool news @ TDG 🙂

  • Apparently, mistletoe can work more miracles than just helping break the ice in those office parties.
  • Stop bothering your kids and let them eat all the candy canes they want.
  • Chocolate, wine & tea can boost brain power —Yaaay! :-D— in *modest* ammounts —Geee… 🙁
  • UFO photographed in Cannock. Doesn’t look like a sleigh, does it?
  • Archeologists find gold coins at the Holy City. The Frankincense and myrrh are still missing.
  • The perfect gift for your Otaku boyfriend who is an ignoramus when it comes to Politics & Economics: a Manga edition of Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’.
  • Oh! and in case you were wondering? the bankers are having a VERY Merry Xmas this year.
  • Go ahead and indulge yourself with your traditional Xmas cigar—Cohiba? cool!— Canadian medi-boffins are working to get you mint-condition replacement lungs.
  • Snowtastic sculptures will amaze tourists at the upcoming Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, in China.
  • Meet the Japanese who claim to be descendants of Jesus. I dunno dude… Sushi for Xmas seems like a No No.
  • Following in the footsteps of the Nazarene: British inventor seeks to bring back 20/20 sight for the billion poorest people. *stands up in ovation*
  • Move over, Christian Bale! This is the real BATMAN. Psst! Before you go… can I have your autograph?
  • Neither Dave Gibbons nor Alan Moore were aware in the 80’s that they were destined to make the Citizen Kane of comics: ‘Watchmen’. Here’s a lengthy interview with Gibbons @ Wired, concerning his new book Watching the Watchmen (Amazon US, & UK).
  • The great Twilight vs Harry Potter debate: Questions #1 & #2.
  • In Britain, 29% of science teachers believe Creationism should be taught alongside Evolution. After he recovered from his cardiac arrest, Richard ‘Ebenezer’ Dawkins responded thus; which in turn provoked this counter-response.
  • The BAD AStronomer discusses the Dover “Monkey” trial of the XXIst century: Simon Singh vs the British Chiropractic Association.
  • First “Out of Africa” migrants were mostly male. I bet they were kicked out for not taking the trash out of the caves 😉
  • You gotta give credit to him: Zahi Hawass is one dedicated — and prolific — Archeologist.
  • A tourist project has been aborted to protect the pyramids at Teotihuacan.
  • Crucifix attributed to the great Renaissance master — and my favorite Ninja Turtle — Michelangelo is on display in Rome.
  • Obama chooses Abe Lincoln’s Bible for his inauguration swearing-in… for good luck?
  • Have we all been duped by the “Don’t be evil” Google mantra, and unknowingly ceded to our right of free speech?
  • Imaginal hygiene is the inner art of self-managing the imagination. NOT, mind you, the art of imagining your arm pits don’t smell…
  • Gloria-Lee Byrd: Alien Contactee… & Anorexic.
  • Who says the dead are idle? In a Spanish town, they’re the ones who provide the energy.
  • Drillers make First Contact with Inner Earth & strike magma. Quit buggering my Mom you perverts!!
  • JibJab’s 2008 year in review (they even mention the Georgia Bigfoot hoax!).

Thanks to my TDG compadres Greg, Kat, Rick, Turner Young, Perceval & Jameske. But also thanks to YOU, all the Grailers out there —Both the commenting ones as well as the Read-only ones— for teaching me so much & making this place the Greatest. Site. Ever!! Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you in 2009.

Quote of the Day:

“Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.”

Gary Allan