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These are the last days of our lives… in 2008.

  • Narcissism and Spiritual Materialism: The New Age Legacy.
  • Why the Pascagoula River UFO encounter in 1973 is worth a Congressional investigation.
  • Battlestar Galactica gets a prequel spinoff. Frak yeah!!!! (H/T Slashdot).
  • Happy 30th anniversary, Star Wars Holiday Special! C’mon, it was Boba Fett’s 1st appearance, you gotta give it credit for that…
  • Screw U, Virgin Galactic! Xcor Aerospace is giving me a better deal.
  • Think of it as Coppertone max factor for Hubble’s brother: Huge Sun shield built for space telescope.
  • Behold! A supernova, as seen by Tycho Brahe—the wooden-nosed astronomer, not the Penny Arcade douche.
  • Giving life a hand. Just go easy with it, or you’ll go blind 😛
  • Incredible artifacts from the Stone Age era have been unearthed in Russia—including an amazing feminine figurine that I think it’s the precursor of every husband’s wallet-kept photo of the misses.
  • Video: Inca mummy and ceremonial objects found near Machu Picchu.
  • Scientists pinpoint flu gene. Not that I really care, since I use the best anti-body builder in the world: Tequila :0)
  • The terrible disease that has NO ONE worried about…yet.
  • Has the Monster Quest crew discovered a Baby Ogopogo carcass?
  • Loren Coleman discusses Synchronicity & Coincidences in the Mumbai terrorist attack.
  • Americans are all actors in a staging called “Airport Security”.
  • Spain’s secret role in the War on Terror. Secret that is… until now.
  • Pentagon hires British scientist to help build robot soldiers that ‘won’t commit war crimes’. Apparently waterboarding would produce a short circuit on them.
  • British adults fear their youth are turning ‘feral’ in their behavior. Time to use the Ludovico technique?
  • Psychiatric disorders are commom among college-age individuals, and yet few seek treatment—it’s easier to buy a gun instead :-/
  • You think ‘Freebird’ is tough on Guitar Hero? Try playing it with a laser harp, dude. Click here to read the instructions to build one, & ROCK ON!
  • Aloha, Agassi! After conquering San Francisco, Shai Agassi is expanding his electric car empire onto the land of Lilo & Obama.
  • Last Tuesday Rick dreamed of a scarab tattoo on his bicep. Maybe he was just foreseeing his future ride… and that it will cost him a leg & an arm to buy 😉
  • A most Burtonesque event, if I may say so: Man’s ring turns up after 21 years inside the tummy of a fish.

Thanks Rick, Kat, & DynaSoar

Quote of the Day:

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”

William James