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The gathering of today’s news was a collective effort by Rick, RPJ, and Kat — all feeling so poorly, none of us could manage it alone. Humm… Maybe TDG could use a few more of us ‘voluntary masochists’.
Warning to all who hate movie spoilers — don’t read today’s Quote.

Our gratitude to science (okay – and to the pharmas) for hangover remedies, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and more.

Quote of the Day:

You’ve always had a hard time finding your place in this world, haven’t you — never knowing your true worth? You can settle for less — an ordinary life. Or do you feel you were meant for something better? Sumpt’in special?

Enterprise Captain, Christopher Pike, doubtlessly addressing James T Kirk. Heard as a voice-over in this new trailer for Star Trek XI, scheduled for release in May, 2009. Hopefully by then, they’ll come up with a catchier title. You can view stills from the trailer, and read more, here.