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Sometimes Friday just feels like… Friday.

  • Sunspots are at their fewest since 1954… but why?
  • This year’s Ig Nobel Awards are being handed out to a slew of wonderfully inspired, terribly misdirected scientists.
  • Could tweaking plants turn toxic soil into farmland?
  • Lessons about space on ice?
  • Clusters of newborn stars might share life-bearing rocks between them. And by “bearing” I mean water bears…
  • Dutch scientists decode the DNA sequence of the fungus which produces penicillin. Take *that* Dr. Fleming.
  • Seeing the ‘true colors’ of the Moon – further proof it’s not just a giant block of limburger cheese.
  • What’s dreaded in the stock market but eagerly welcomed by life in the ancient seas? Change.
  • See no evil, hear no evil… test no evil? The true, behind-the-scenes tale of chimps used in medical research.
  • The lab-coats are determined to find what caused “beaked whales” to strand on beaches in the Canary Islands. Naval sonar exercises or natural selection – you be the judge…
  • Was Sheldrake’s stabber a victim of mind control? Get out of my mind, Jobe!
  • Are you a legitimate genius? Then you probably already know the 20 things simple-minded, wanna-be geniuses like us didn’t (know)…
  • Black rhinos released back into the wild for the first time in 25 years.
  • BBC releases “post-nuclear blast announcement” to the public. Did someone just screen the “The Day After” or is this a none-too-subtle hint…
  • Jupiter is ready for her close-up, Mr. Demille.

Super Grandé Thanks to Greg, Rick MG, Red Pill Junkie and Baldrick

Quote of the Day:

“To be on the WIRE is life. The rest is waiting… ”

Karl Wallenda