Fossett’s wreckage found

Almost a year to the date of his disappearance, it appears Steve Fossett’s wreckage plane has been found:

Crews conducting an aerial search late Wednesday spotted what turned out to be the wreckage in the Inyo National Forest near the town of Mammoth Lakes, Sheriff John Anderson said. They confirmed around 11 p.m. that the tail number found matched Fossett’s single-engine Bellanca plane, he said.

Anderson said no human remains were found in the wreckage.

“It’s quite often if you don’t find remains within a few days, because of animals, you’ll find nothing at all,” Anderson said.

It’s not hard to foresee many people will still claim Fossett was abducted by aliens, or entered some space-time vortex or whatever; but right now the most important thing would be to confirm this is actually the plane he piloted on that fateful day, to later investigate the cause of his demise.

Hopefully this will bring a much needed sense of closure to his widow and family.