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Swiss adventurer —and Icarus impersonator— Yves Rossi has accomplished his goal of crossing the English channel, using his strapped-on jet wing that he designed and fabricated.

According to CNN, He began the Friday flight just before 1207 GMT; by 12:15 GMT, Rossy was above British soil and looped over onlookers before opening his parachute, with his wings still strapped to his back.

“It was perfect. Blue sky, sunny, no clouds, perfect conditions,” Rossy said. “We prepared everything and it was great.”

The travesy was not without incidents, however. Yves’ jet wing ran out of fuel just before the end, and he had to use a parachute to safely reach ground.

You can watch the video of this amazing feat here.

Also, National Geographic will run a special program called “Flight of the Jet Man” that will start at 8 pm ET/PT. Just in case you were not planning on watching certain debate that may *or* may not air at the same hour 😉