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Paying due respect to our furry relations this week…

Quote of the Day:

Steven Rushing, a commercial fishmerman, tried to ride out the storm with his wife and several family members, including his pregnant 17-year-old daughter, in their one-story brick home on Galveston Island.

Early Saturday, they watched the water rise and donned life jackets. When the water reached the TV, about 4 feet high, Rushing’s plan was to kick out a window so they could tie themselves to a tree and await rescue.

But then he noticed a sudden calm, apparently the hurricane’s eye passing over. He loaded his family into a 17-foot ski boat and headed for the San Luis resort, the headquarters for emergency personnel about 20 blocks away. It took 20 minutes to float 16 blocks before the boat ran aground. Then the Rushings sprinted for safety, guided by lights from police responding to a 911 call made from the boat.

“I’m drained. I’m beat up,” Rushing said later Saturday morning. “My family is traumatized. I kept them here, promising them everything would be alright, but this is the real deal and I won’t stay no more.”

Found in this NY Times article about Hurricane Ike.