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News Briefs 29-08-2008

“I know your anger, I know your dreams…”

Quote of the Day:

“We do no inherit the earth from our ancestors… we borrow it from our children.”

David Brower

  1. Moon landing hoax
    I don’t think the landings were a “hoax”. I think they WERE faked. But, i think they were faked for all the right reasons: as a strategic action to create both positive American/Western morale and a negative one to create a defeated attitude in the Eastern Bloc.

    Anyone who is naive enough to think it “couldn’t” have been faked lives in a Disney World of Ultimat Honesty and Truth.

    If we really had gone to the moon there is NO way the military-industrial complex would have surrended such a penultimate tactical/strategic high ground. Period. Of course- maybe they *didn’t* give it up at all…

    How can anyone who wasn’t on those “capsules” really ever know, though?

    PS- ever wonder why Buzz Aldrin et all are so violent when asked about this issue?

    PSS- Or- why all but 2 of the “comments” on were anti-hoax/fake? Maybe those weren’t real opinions of real readers at all…

    1. Buzz Aldrin
      If I had been on the moon, and people kept pestering me about how that is probably fake, I would get testy too.

      Sure it could have been faked. But it also could have been done.

      My guess is that is has been done.

      Of course we can live in a dream world, were everything we see and hear has been faked by someone. The military-industrial complex, the big religions, the drug companies, the CIA, the KGB, the BBC, BB King.

      I did however see BB King in person a few times.

      Some part of life is real, we have to come to terms with that.

      It is not how fast you go
      it is when you get there.

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