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Credibility, confidence, sincerity, and it could still all be nonsense.

  • Why Dawkins is right and his critics are wrong.
  • Can neuroscience explain spiritual experience to a non-believer?
  • The confidence game.
  • Strange clouds at the edge of space.
  • Where have all the real men gone? Here is another approach.
  • Where is planet X?
  • Evolution and creationism.
  • Gods in the flesh: part 1 and part 2.
  • Sky survey yields new cosmic haul.
  • An inventory of Nazi secret weapons and their historical problematic.
  • Cows automatically point to north.
  • Human exoskeleton helps paralysed people walk.
  • More evidence surfaces in megafauna murder mystery.

Quote of the Day:

A reputation is the smart attire an enigma wears to show everyone how good it looks.