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News Briefs 23-07-2008

Let’s see how I go after a day of many blood-tests and glucose jelly beans.

Thanks Greg, Kat and the other cat.

Quote of the Day:

Perhaps to some extent we have lost sight of the fact that LSD can be very, very helpful in our society if used properly.

Senator Robert Kennedy, 1966

  1. Nice One!
    [quote=Rick MG]Be careful Nick, you might get sent to Camp Skeptic to be healed of woo-woo. This one time, at Skeptic Camp…[/quote]


    Kind regards,
    You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Ok on the campfire rituals
    Ok on the campfire rituals article — I recommend Professor Robin Dunbar’s research. I posted his article at my blog —

    Basically Dunbar states that the difference between ritual and Neanderthal burials is that ritual required a level of intention. He says that around 500,000 years ago the level of intention went to the 5th order which means that it’s established that a person knows they are part of a group which believes in a third level of consciousness which the group is a part of. He says this actually just evolved from primates relying on group cooperation and it’s a means to stop free-riders in a group. But more importantly ritual creates a very strong endorphin buzz for healing. Language is a “cheap” form of social glue whereas ritual (using music and dance as meditation) is a crucial form to our evolution.

    The above article relies on research showing that meditation literally is a “glue” to connect neurons in the brain as learned information — and this is why even science, at its fundamental level, is a religion. Ufology is the cutting edge religion of science.

  3. Ancient Mayan Healing Traditions?
    [quote]With the opening of Auriga in the first quarter of 2009, residents of Capella Bahia Maroma will be afforded an experience once reserved for Maya royalty.[/quote]

    How ironic, that this place promises to give their clients a relaxing and soothing healing experience, and yet they chose to build it at a place called Bahía Maroma. Maroma means “somersault” or “tumble”. Does the name “Bay Sommersault” inspire relaxation to you? 😉

    It’s not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me…
    It’s all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

    Red Pill Junkie

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