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What’s sputtering, bedraggled, disorganized, and confused? My computer, me and a lot of other people, the economy, the world, and today’s weird and very late news. Regarding the latter, you’ll just have to make do, because if I try to load even one more webpage, I’ll end up throwing this disfunctional machine out the window.

Thanks, Rick.

Quote of the Day:

The credit crunch is starting to become a really big issue β€” especially for the moneyed classes. Once you can’t ‘act out’ with money you start fighting.

It’s like drinking, or gambling, or sexing your way out of feelings, but with a fabulous family vacation or great clothes or wonderful meals β€” money can become an addiction that masks the reality. When that goes, reality has to be faced and accusations start flying.

From Credit crunch raises divorce rate for America’s superwealthy, The Times, July 11, 2008.

Don’t like that one? Fine – here’s another:

Predictions are hard, especially when they’re about the future.

Yogi Berra