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Our dear Greg – what a mensch! It only took a wife, three kids, and ten years of single-handedly footing all the bills for TDG to persuade him, finally, to ask all of us to pitch in. But apparently, residual ambivalence still wouldn’t allow him to ‘sticky’ his recent plea for our financial support of TDG to the top of the homepage. So, in case you missed it on July 1st, here’s a link to his post Funding the Future After Ten Years of TDG.

Big thanks to Greg for contributing a bunch of today’s news.

Quote of the Day:

DynaSoar: You’re remembering the Journal of Irreproducible Research, and you’re misremembering the details.
The JIR was purchased by Blackwell Scientific. The staff had a hard time reproducing the good results they had working with their previous publisher, and indeed producing anything at all. The staff quit, and formed AIR.

kalirion: You mean Journal of Irreproducible Results.

DynaSoar: Of course I do. I was published in that too, so I misremember it accurately.
Read what I mean, not what I write. Oh, you already did.

DynaSoar and kalirion, somewhere on the web.