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Always pick the other door…

  • Seven new deadly sins.
  • Reading Herodotus, and Herodotus and bad fate.
  • Happiness is the measure of true wealth.
  • Unusual earthquake swarm off coast of Oregon puzzles scientists.
  • Is this the way the world will end?
  • Gut bacteria species becoming one.
  • Laser triggers electrical activity in a thunderstorm.
  • Earth cooled down in three rapid steps 33 million years ago.
  • Is Stickney crater an impact feature?
  • A look back at CSICOP and sTARBABY.
  • And behind door No.1, a fatal flaw.
  • Nervous system for man-made structures should improve safety.
  • Blue skies and red hot temperatures in the Cretaceous.
  • Is Stonehenge Roman?
  • The BBC, the UN and climate bullying.

Quote of the Day:

People ask for criticism, but they only want praise.

W. Somerset Maugham