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Is it spring yet?

  • Miracle talking fish, ‘work of Satan’, butchered. Maybe this is what they found inside (Billy Bass is the real work of Satan IMO).
  • Witchdoctors have been murdering albinos to use their body parts in magic potions designed to bring people good luck. Are white rabbits in short supply?
  • Fancy a date with an emotional robot? Maybe if they were as sexy as this. But with scientists teaching a computer to recognise attractiveness in women, where does that leave the geeks?
  • The maths behind the beauty.
  • Top 5 recreational drug experiments. That’s one helluva bong at no. 5, and the mind-altering effects appear in rainbow colours (courtesy of the MRI!). Toke, toke it up, man.
  • Turtle has a smoking habit. Tobacco companies see an opportunity.
  • Now where did I leave that city?
  • Let’s hope Rupert Sheldrake’s attacker wasn’t carrying a copy of Catcher in the Rye.
  • Hearing voices? Perhaps one of these would stop them?
  • Virtual reality reveals paranoid thoughts.
  • Oh no! not another ‘alien autopsy‘ video?
  • Jesus Crust!
  • Maybe Bigfoot’s wife should be named for another part of her anatomy?
  • Solar ‘tsunami’ caught on film.

Quote of the Day:

Courage is knowing what not to fear.