News Briefs 12-02-08

From Aesop to Aesop.

  • Aesop’s translators have had varied agendas.
  • Self-cleaning wool and silk developed using nanotechnology.
  • X-rays betray giant electrical particle accelerator in the sky.
  • With climate swing a culture bloomed in the Americas.
  • Computer simulations strongly support new theory of Earth’s core.
  • 2,500 years ago, a city bigger than Athens in Orissa.
  • Organic molecules found on alien world for first time.
  • New cosmic theory unites dark forces. Sounds like the aether to me.
  • Napolean didnt die from arsenic poisoning. But dont worry, he did die.
  • Implanting false memories.
  • How writing changed the world. How about the change from seeing is believing to reading is believing? Or how about…

Quote of the Day:

Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.