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With apologies to Kuato… Open your mind. Open your mind! Open your mind!

Quote of the Day:

I’ll admit that I wasn’t excited about running the initial story of the mysterious sightings when it came to us last week. I was even less excited the next day when I opened the paper and saw the word “UFO” in the headline. (That’s what I get for leaving the office early.)
At first glance, I screamed. Then I said a couple of bad words. I’m not a fan of tabloids and I was worried that we looked like one.

Since the story broke, and spread across the world, I’ve been contacted by four editors in the country congratulating me for having the “guts” and “good sense” to go with the story.
“You are listening to what the citizens are telling you, and newspapers don’t do much of that any more,” one wrote.

Sara Vanden Berge, Managing Editor of the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, in this January 18 editorial.