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Casting for the new Star Trek movie appears to be going well. I can hardly wait. Warp speed ahead, Mr Sulu!

Attention, US and Canadian Star Trek fans: On two nights only — Tuesday Nov. 13th and Thursday Nov. 15th — Star Trek: The Menagerie – digitally re-mastered in High-Definition and Cinema Surround Sound – will be showing in movie theaters across the US, and in Canada. For a hint what re-mastered means, click here.
Update: Looks like it’s become a world-wide phenomena. Star Trek: The Menagerie is also showing at theaters in Europe and Australia. Different dates in different countries, so check those links carefully.

  • For the first time, scientists have created dozens of cloned embryos from adult primates. What are the implications for the future of mankind?
  • Massive DNA sequencing project reveals shortcomings of modern genome analysis.
  • Researchers look into warp speed.
  • 4,000-year-old temple filled with murals unearthed in Peru.
  • Astronauts ready space station for arrival of European and Japanese science modules.
  • Lifting the Venusian veil.
  • Nonlocality of a single particle demonstrated without objections.
  • On what scale do the quantum world and the classical world begin to cross into each other? How big does an “observer” have to be?
  • Einstein’s still right on time.
  • Fuel without the fossil.
  • Researchers successfully simulate photosynthesis and design a better leaf.
  • Too much sugar turns off gene that controls the effects of testosterone and estrogen.
  • This explains your doughnut addiction: Rats prefer sweetened water to cocaine, even those already cocaine-addicted.
  • First biomarker for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder discovered — and why PTSD is so difficult to treat.
  • More-harmful effects from stress may explain why, compared to males, females are more vulnerable to addiction, depression, PTSD.
  • Mitochondria Send Death Signal To Cardiac Cells, Study Shows.
  • Dangerous Minds: A look at FBI profiling.
  • Born in Iowa, regular American guy was a top Soviet spy who penetrated the Manhattan Project.
  • Ancient witch guide was way ahead of its time.
  • Study shows indoor plants have ‘enormous positive impact’ on human well-being.
  • Dolphins save injured surfer from great white shark.
  • Miracle water gushes from murky well.

Quote of the Day:

Zefram Cochrane: A group of cybernetic creatures from the future have traveled back through time to enslave the human race… and you’re here to stop them?
Will Riker: That’s right.
Zefram Cochrane: Hot damn, you’re heroic!

The movie Star Trek: First Contact, 1996