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News Briefs 30-10-2007

Sleepers awake and post your interesting dreams.

  • Military experiments target the Van Allen Belts.
  • How the push for infant academics may be a waste of time or worse.
  • The Venusian greenhouse.
  • The really long goodbye of the baby boomers.
  • Haydn versus Mozart. Celebrity death match with kid gloves.
  • Let there be Aluminium 42. Experiment creates surprise isotope.
  • Why blame me? It was all my brain’s fault. Put the brain on the witness stand!
  • Electric Io revisited.
  • Iran threatens decisive strike if US attacks.
  • Ming the clam is the oldest animal. Flash Gordon must be a cockle.
  • Researchers show evidence of memory in cells and molecules.
  • Light activated cancer drug hope.
  • Aliens caused Sicily fires. Blaming ET for the Electric Universe.
  • Building tomorrow’s nanofactory.
  • Digging the scene: Dinos buried and built dens. Or, quick get digging. There’s a giant conflagration headed this way.
  • Altering perception: good outcomes from club drugs?
  • Scientists say dark matter does not exist.
  • Debunking the commercial press, and why scientists hate to talk to the media.
  • Airforce veteran chimes in on Phoenix Lights.

Thanks Greg

Quote of the Day:

We have no dreams at all or interesting ones. We should learn to be awake the same way – not at all or in an interesting manner.

Friedrich Nietzsche