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This fun little video might just as well be titled ‘Wake up, Kat’ — except that in my case, a mere minute and a half of this alarming treatment would be a welcome change.

Quote of the Day:

Conspiracy theorists are not kooks, they are a front line in the latest eruption of populism. In some ways, they invoke the carnivalesque, a festival which turns the political order upside-down. Unfortunately, the sobering seriousness of their research (‘When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.’) can lead to irascibility, over-suspicion, and isolation. A remedy for such ailments is a sense of humor. One must not only resist the encroachments of the conspiracy, ‘but learn to laugh and play, to find a point of ironic and critical distance from which a more efficacious resistance can proceed.’ Laughter will give you perspective, from which you will be able to more effectively resist. Paranoia can be fun.

Brian Redman, here.