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The Giza Pyramids, and specifically the famous one with the shafts, will be the centre of controversy again. The very spry 80-something-year-old Zecharia Sitchin has released a new book about a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid — and he has explosive claims of photographs to prove it. Journeys to the Mythical Past (Amazon US or UK) is available early October. He’s very tight-lipped about his source, so we may have to wait for the book. Gnostic adventurer Philip Gardiner also has a new book, Gateways to the Other World (Amazon). Philip writes about a growing number of disgruntled academics and eminent Egyptologists who disagree with the tomb theory enforced by the supreme rulers of the Giza Plateau. Incidentally, there’s still no word from Zahi Hawass when the next robot expedition into the shafts of the Great Pyramid will be televised live on FOX. So the timing of Sitchin and Gardiner’s latest books will make things very interesting.

This is classic Daily Grail, I feel young again!

The Egypt Code, by our old mate Robert Bauval, deserves a plug too (Amazon UK only unfortunately). Greg wrote a review for TDG and he also interviewed Rob for Sub Rosa #6. It’s a book that deserves serious academic interest, not ridicule and silence.