News Briefs 19-06-07

The world is about to end, and I was just getting used to it.

  • Earth is in imminent peril.
  • Fabrication of stone objects, by geopolymeric synthesis, in the pre-incan Huanka civilization.
  • The Gore dossier: the front man of the global warming hoax.
  • Stones confirm golden past of ancient African kingdom.
  • Embattled scientist on the edge of deletion.
  • Mystery of Earth’s innermost core solved.
  • We are running out of oil.
  • Flying a kite.
  • MAPS-ing a new frontier in psychedelic research.
  • Bees on the battlefield and other US military experiments.
  • Isaac Newton saw the end of the world in 2060.
  • Warnings of internet overload.
  • Drug resistance doesn’t always come from drugs.
  • Pick your favourite flood story.

Quote of the Day:

Life is an unbroken succession of false situations.

Thornton Wilder