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Sorry the news is late, I’ve been sedated all day and night because of a killer tooth-ache.

Thanks Kat and Nurofen.

Quote of the Day:

I was introduced to [Bosnian] President Izetbegovic, who lived in very humble lodgings… He talked about the siege… Sarajevo was home to one of the great libraries in the civilised world, housing lots of priceless Islamic, Christian and Jewish manuscripts. He told us, with tears in his eyes, that days after it was fire-bombed words were falling through the sky, falling on people’s heads, falling on their hands, falling into prams as women pushed them down the streets, falling into people’s cups of tea, falling in front of them as they walked the cobbled streets, words raining down days later…

Bono, from the book U2 By U2 (Amazon US or UK).