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Breaking News: Alien Drones

Whitley Strieber has posted a mindblowing breakthrough in the alien drone controversy. Researcher Linda Moulton Howe has received alleged documents and blueprints of back-engineered extraterrestrial technology from an insider named “Isaac”. Read Isaac’s report, and Linda has posted the documents and blueprints at Earthfiles. Is this a cunning viral marketing campaign for a Hollywood movie? Is Randi waving his Woo Woo wand? Or could this be accelerated public extraterrestrial disclosure? My spidey-sense is tingling, I think it’s a hoax. What do you think?

Note from Greg: I would like to make clear that in my opinion, this whole ‘drone’ business is a complete and obvious hoax. I make this point now, so that TDG is not included with all the other websites and ‘personalities’ who are going to be part of a collective ‘takedown’ at some point.

  1. Awwww….
    Here I am, doing my best to ignore all this nonsense, and then you have to go post this…

    Quite amazing how they had vector brushes back in 1986, to create those tech drawings isn’t it? Also, equally amazing is how all these people sighting the ‘craft’ knew to contact LMH or C2C about it, rather than report it to their local news channel. I could go on, but I’d rather not waste my time…
    *roll eyes*

    Kind regards,
    You monkeys only think you’re running things

    1. Heheh
      Heheh, sorry Greg, but I just couldn’t resist. ๐Ÿ˜›

      This is what seals the hoax for me:

      Around 2002 or so I came across Coast to Coast AM and have been hooked ever since. I admit, I don’t take most of the show’s content as anything more than entertainment, but there have been occasions when I could be sure a guest was clearly speaking from experience or a well-informed source.

      Isaac’s story is just far too conveniently structured. Righto, dinnertime for now, and after dessert I’ll post some real news. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. It’s in the story
        Good morning, everyone,
        This looks like a blatant example of what I wrote about on
        The evolution of the UFO phenomenon revolves around certain catalysts – usually Ufologists – who drive forward a new phase of the evolving culture.
        In this case, an obvious hoax – or rather, story. Nothing has more power, whether true or false.
        Sorry to drone on …

        Reality, like time, is relative to the observer (another proof of what I’m saying)

        Anthony North

          1. “More Than Meets the Eye”….um…not really
            looks like the ILM’ers (Industrial Light and Magic) have some time on their hands…too many coincidences:
            1 – first sightings coincide with the first interviews/”leaks”/pictures/trailers of Bay’s “Transformers” movie due out on July 2nd/3rd…imho…too far out for JJ Abrams Star Trek…
            2 -all “photographs” are very close (1 – 4 hours by car) to the new Lucas Presidio Complex in San Francisco…and San Rafael, Marin County too boot…and really folks, how the heck would we know the difference…i lived there, and have been by both complexes many times in the past…nothing says “yeppers, that’s Northern cal alright!” in those photos, but hey, i’ll take their word for it…
            3 – what?!…”semi-serious photographers” having multiple sightings and there isn’t one person with a telephoto lens…tee hee hee hee…sure….”very small servnet”…hee hee hee…
            4 – the hi-res one-sheets for the movie show sigils/markings….um…robots with tattoos?…(hint: look under Megatron’s eye…on Optimus’s face-shield…Bumblebee’s mouth-piece)that resemble the “Klingon-like” “Star Wars-esque” markings on the drones’ undersides… …and …they look like scratches, but you can clearly see they are intentional markings…besides, the “drone” markings look almost exactly like symbols used in the Star Wars Ep. I-III AND Star Trek…if i were a bigger geek i would actually look the DVDs over, especially the “pod racer” in Ep I…anikin’s pod racer symbol is almost verbatim to the circles preceeding the “markings”…
            5- pretty sure ILM did the CGI for most of, if not all, the Star Trek movies…but i’m not too sure about the Star Wars movies… ๐Ÿ˜‰
            6 – and lastly, Transformers were the biggest thing during my childhood (geek!), and i seem to remember “drones” being sent out to look for new power sources in the galaxy…would account for the “transformations”/multiple styles of the “drones”…”energon cubes” anyone?…that’s how they end up on earth…good lord help me for that time of my life!
            7 – oops…this really is the last point…the movie shot in various locations in Southern California…Hoover Dam…Military Bases…and there are of course numerous DoD/military/research facilities within hours of San Francisco…don’t know if they shot in the Bay Area, but it could be a good bet they did…

            everyone now, and all together….”this guy is a total geek.”

            “if you want to make god laugh…tell him your plans”
            -various translations – unknown orgin

  2. All from one “source”…..
    And all within 5 weeks, yet claiming to be as much as 20 years old. And as they are released they’re more complex in design and/or informational content, despite jumping back and forth dates. That’s the earmark of someone developing something at the time and trying to make it more more believable as they do. If it were a technological development the evolution of the design and the amount of information derived from it would follow chronological time, not release dates by the source(s?!).

    No, I am not the brain specialist…..
    YES. Yes I AM the brain specialist.

  3. Definitely a hoax
    It’s easy to establish that this is a hoax without even looking at the bulk of the content.

    He takes great pains to state that he’s doing everything possible to ensure that his anonymity is protected, and says that the data he has released could only narrow him down to around 40-50 people.

    Yet, he gives us clear dates when he started and left the project, describes his former jobs at the DoD, says that he became more of a management, rather than hands-on, person etc. He also states that the bulk of his work involved the “language” interpretation.

    This in itself MUST narrow his probable identity down to fewer than 40-50 people.

    Also, would it not be posssible for ISP and net records to establish which computer was used to download the material onto the host server. Couple this with a customer list from the ISP and/or host, compare it against a list of the people that allegedly worked on CARET, and chances are that it would be VERY easy for the powers-that-be to identify the culprit directly.

    DEFINITELY a hoax, or possible viral marketing campaign.

    yer ol’ pal,

    (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

    1. Not so viral
      [quote=Xibalba]DEFINITELY a hoax, or possible viral marketing campaign.

      The longer it goes, the less likely it’s a viral marketing campaign I think. It hasn’t received mainstream coverage (no wonder there), and the only people really paying attention are the ones that will be mega-pissed off at the hoaxers at the final reveal. So not exactly good marketing…

      Certainly seems to be targeted at C2C, and Linda Howe and Whitley Strieber have put big red targets on themselves as well. Perhaps a small group seeing how far they could push it all…the only real question is if there’s any intelligence agency involvement ala Rick Doty/AFOSI and the just-as-idiotic Serpo story. Certainly, plenty of work being put in with this latest release.

      Kind regards,
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. Channel Islands UFOs
        It’s worrying how deeply Whitley and Linda have swallowed the bait; hook, line and sinker.

        I also question the timing of the release, when our attentions should be focused on the Channel Islands UFOs. The C.I. incident is a real UFO mystery worthy of serious investigation.

        1. Strieber not ENTIRELY sure
          I haven’t read any of Strieber’s initial comments on this hoax, but at least his current journal entry ( contains a little skepticism. But he’s still going back and forth about it, in his usual way–“It’s real! Unless it isn’t. But it sure looks real–but some of it’s obviously fake. And let me tell you about some experiences I’ve had with some sort of creatures in the past, and so these drones must be real. But maybe not. But if they are, they may herald a new era that CHANGES EVERYTHING!! Etc. etc.”.

          1. Whitley droning on .. err, sorry … Whitley on drones
            I like Strieber’s approach. Before he even saw the photos he may have thought they were fake. Now that he has seen the photos he’s no longer so sure whether they are fake or not. However, he is willing to assume they may be real. Since he can assume the photos may be real, they cannot therefore be fake and this is obviously true. This means we can assume that the aliens are not only very real but that they are about to invade. This is self evident because it feels so right to him.

    1. Racer X
      Just out of interest, did you get your TDG ID from the name of the band, featuring Paul Gilbert et al?

      yer ol’ pal,

      (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

  4. It’s all to neat; first
    It’s all to neat; first “Chad” comes along, a photography student on assignment, then spiffier clues turn up, at the ready, now this “disclosure” it all reminds me of the SERPO hoax. Somebody’s really busy out there creating these little disinfo, distracto scenarios.

    R. Lee

    The Orange Orb

  5. My two cents
    Besides the new popular “inspiration” for hoaxes–viral marketing campaigns–there are the usual suspects, some of which go back to the days of the first hoax Nessie photo:

    – People having fun: young people, old people, etc., including people who may have been employed in genuine military and intelligence disinformation campaigns in the past few decades, who honed some of those skills while working at those jobs, who have a slightly twisted sense of humor and can’t resist putting to use the things they learned, to either have a laugh in their retirement, or in some misguided attempt to somehow make money (they might not make much at hoaxing, but a little extra spending change in retirement is always nice, plus it’s “fun”).

    – Homework projects given to employees of intelligence agencies, ad agencies, etc.

    – The usual collection of socially isolated doofuses with some brain cells missing, but who know their Photoshop, etc., who prefer to make their money off lies rather than something useful or interesting.

    – People with some extra time on their hands, who do it because they think it’s all entertainment anyway–“wouldn’t it be cool if there were pictures that were clearer than all those blurry blobs of light! Well, let’s make someโ€ฆ”

    – People who think they’re providing a useful service, or reminding us of something we already know, by showing how gullible some people are. Some of these hoaxers deliberately try to make fools of people in the UFO community, but people like Strieber and Howe tend to set themselves up for this kind of thing by being so open-minded, their brains sometimes fall out.

  6. I have problems with this too
    Yeah, the letterings seem just too sci-fi for my taste, too Anakin & Klingon & Covenant-like.

    Plus, let’s be honest: there are a lot of holes in the story: the guy claims that he attached the xeroxed pages and photos on his body under his shirt at the hallways where soldiers weren’t around… but what about VIDEO CAMERAS SURVEILLANCE. If I had a building where civilians were working with alien tech, I would put cameras in every corner, every office, in the desk drawers, the bathrooms, etc.

    I must admit the story is very entertaining though. It’s got that plausible deniability like Bob Lazar, who claimed he never actually SAW any real aliens himself, and like so this Isaac goes even further, claiming he didn’t even see any complete crafts. The thing about the lettering being able to perform tasks as if by magic is also a very cool addition to alien “mithology”, and it also would explain why the I-beams found in Roswell had strange glyphs. Of course in Roswell the beams were silver-colored and straight, and the glyphs were purple, whereas in this story the beams are curved, black and plastic like and the glyphs are white.

    One thing is clear though. Whoever is behind this has clearly taken a lot of work into making all this incomprehensible diagrams and 3d models. I mean, the “anti-gravity” generator looks extremely complex and seems like it would take many hours to assemble. The I-beams are also pretty neat, I tried to zoom in the pictures looking for creases and imperfections in the lettering, and couldn’t find none. Maybe they are not real objects but computer generated…

    Then again, let’s see how things unfold. Iwould have liked more if this Isaac dude had presented papers detailing the physics concepts of anti-gravity instead of so many circular diagrams (and why did he censor HIMSELF? it’s not like he swore an oath like a military officer), very beautiful though, with their curves and spirals, kind of makes me wonder if the purpose of (some) crop circles is to actually “perform” a function like a software code… well just look at that! Here I am extrapolating the story of isaac with other paranormal phenomenon!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS: I would like you to check the 8 figures that are found in the lower circle of diagram 14.15, on the page 123 that is shown on the Earthfiles web page

    . Not take a look at this

    Also, why are these diagrams arranged in circles and curves, while the letterings that were shown on the underside of the drones “flaps” are arranged in a straight line?

  7. Spindle and Word
    When I first saw the images of Issac something seemed familiar, I kept mulling over the words Spindle of Destiny, did a few searches but found very little, then I found these writings of Plato on World Mysteries, The Spindle of Necessity which describes the workings of the planets. Then his letter regarding word works. On then I noticed the name Issac written backwards CA = California, S = Space, S = science, I = Institute.

    This is fun, making fun. Love, Pam

    Plato, The Republic

    […] they came to a place where they could see from above a line of light, straight as a column, extending right through the whole heaven and through the earth, in colour resembling the rainbow, only brighter and purer; another day’s journey brought them to the place, and there, in the midst of the light, they saw the ends of the chains of heaven let down from above: for this light is the belt of heaven, and holds together the circle of the universe, like the under-girders of a trireme. From these ends is extended the spindle of Necessity, on which all the revolutions turn. The shaft and hook of this spindle are made of steel, and the whorl is made partly of steel and also partly of other materials. Now the whorl is in form like the whorl used on earth; and the description of it implied that there is one large hollow whorl which is quite scooped out, and into this is fitted another lesser one, and another, and another, and four others, making eight in all, like vessels which fit into one another; the whorls show their edges on the upper side, and on their lower side all together form one continuous whorl. This is pierced by the spindle, which is driven home through the centre of the eighth.

    Excerpt from Plato’s The Seventh Letter
    In one word, the man who has no natural kinship with this matter cannot be made akin to it by quickness of learning or memory; for it cannot be engendered at all in natures which are foreign to it. Therefore, if men are not by nature kinship allied to justice and all other things that are honourable, though they may be good at learning and remembering other knowledge of various kinds-or if they have the kinship but are slow learners and have no memory-none of all these will ever learn to the full the truth about virtue and vice. For both must be learnt together; and together also must be learnt, by complete and long continued study, as I said at the beginning, the true and the false about all that has real being. After much effort, as names, definitions, sights, and other data of sense, are brought into contact and friction one with another, in the course of scrutiny and kindly testing by men who proceed by question and answer without ill will, with a sudden flash there shines forth understanding about every problem, and an intelligence whose efforts reach the furthest limits of human powers. Therefore every man of worth, when dealing with matters of worth, will be far from exposing them to ill feeling and misunderstanding among men by committing them to writing. In one word, then, it may be known from this that, if one sees written treatises composed by anyone, either the laws of a lawgiver, or in any other form whatever, these are not for that man the things of most worth, if he is a man of worth, but that his treasures are laid up in the fairest spot that he possesses. But if these things were worked at by him as things of real worth, and committed to writing, then surely, not gods, but men “have themselves bereft him of his wits.”

    And, there is a Biblical reference, “In the beginning there was the word.”
    High woo woo factor.
    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

    The Bible, John 1: 1-5

    —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

  8. I Agree Whole Heartedly With Greg!

    In my opinion, this is a hoax, and, as hoaxes go, it’s not a particularly good hoax! “Isaac”, wasn’t there a Sience Fiction writer by that name who wrote about robots and drones?

    Isaac Asimov was a good writer and a good scientist! This is a bad hoax in my opinion!

    What do you think?


    {You Can Teach People How To Think Or What To Think; But, You Can’t Do Both! It Is Better To Teach People How To Think!!!}

  9. “Alien” language derivation?
    To me, it looks like part of “Isaac’s” description of the supposed alien language is lifted from concepts about ancient Hebrew, in which the letters and words themselves are supposed to carry power. He says on his web page:

    “Our entire system of language is based on the idea of assigning meaning to symbols. Their technology, however, somehow merges the symbol and the meaning.”

  10. OH c’mon you guys! Give the
    OH c’mon you guys! Give the guy a bit more credit than that. This is a GREAT hoax, not a hokey, poorly executed one. He had to go through a lot of trouble and came up with a great deal of real creative thinking. Read those “internal documents”, look at the diagrams! Issac’s a dickhead, to be sure. I hate people like this interfering with our search for truth, but I will give him at least 4 stars for effort and execution.

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