News Briefs 16-05-07

Perhaps free will has flies? Post your thoughts

Quote of the Day:

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten

B.F. Skinner

  1. Consciousness articles
    The quote at the end of the last link summed it up perfectly for me.
    Thomas Huxley: “Sit down before fact like a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly to wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”

    This is exactly the method I employed post NDE, not even realizing I was doing anything correct or special or wrong or right. It’s a relinquishing of these preconceived beliefs. Not being in judgement of them but instead merely an observer during the experience. I must say at times it is quite a ride. Delightfully enlightening, scary as anything any mind can conceive and leaves one most humble.

    Thanks Jamske for the links.

    Love, Pam —————————–Truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. Tara
    I knew they would find something the moment they put a spade in the ground. The road needs to be rethought completly. This is the heritage of the Celtic people it does not belong to a government.

  3. I’m with John Sweeney
    I feel the same way about religious people being able to spout their crap into my face.
    There is freedom of religion, that is to worship any weird being you can make up,pay no taxes, and collect money in the billions in the name of your god, but in America there is little freedom for gays.
    I can tell you that their spouting of religion causes people more harm than people having sex with the partner of their choice.
    I’m with Richard Dawkins on this and I know a lot of people see him as being just as fundamental in his atheistic beliefs as religionists are in theirs.
    But why not?
    We have suffered for thousands of years at the hands of the loonies who have had it all their way.
    You have to respect a person’s religion!
    I don’t respect people who cannot think for themselves and thus cannot see how they are just pawns in another power game .
    I suppose Sweeney would have come across better had he remained calm, but I have almost the same reaction when my ex-daughter in law tells me about the money she gives to the church.A pentecostal church that speaks in tongues.
    And then expects me to help out financially.

    I’ve been thinking of you Jameske.I made a lovely batch of gravy rolls yesterday to your (amended) recipe.
    There’s 16 there and they’re all for me!


    1. old L.Ron……rest his soul…..
      I have the complete secrete teachings of scientology that I snapped off an FTP site many years ago before it crashed…….anyone interested??????
      BTW I love his books, sci-fi that is. Read nearly all of them.
      Shit! I better inforce my firewall now!

      “While contemplating on their life, anyone who says they have no regrets and would do it all the same again, have not learn’t anything.”

      1. Scientology
        I don’t want them floppy.Scientology is as much crap as all the other cults, and I fail to see why they should not have to pay tax like any other business.

        On ACA tonight they showed that bit about the journalist screaming at the scientologist.
        I remember a couple of years ago in France, there was a young woman who belonged to the cult and she tried to leave.
        She finally left they said but her body was later found and she had been murdered.

        My late husband knew L.Ron Hubbard.He met him when he visited Oz and went to a meeting where they first set up Scientology here.
        From that moment on he was bombarded with literature from the Scientology mob.It went on for years and years and years.
        Quite often there was a personal note from Hubbard himself saying he knew my husband was interested in Scientology and should not run away from it.
        I used to feel that it was intrusive and very much like the way the Catholic Church works.
        Long after our marriage and the birth of our children we were still getting literature from them, begging him to join and giving the cost etc.
        And it was very expensive.

        The thing that worried me was that you paid for each level you reached, but it was a fellow Scientologist who decided if and when you reached that level.
        Scary stuff.

        I couldn’t read his books, but I don’t see that as his problem.I only like hard science fiction.


        1. Hey Shadows,
          Maybe you

          Hey Shadows,

          Maybe you should dig those letters up and place them on e-bay. Imagine what a scientology lawyer (after all, they’re all lawyers aren’t they, unless they’re actors) would pay for them !

          PS: I went for a walk down the Wynnum esplanade last night and thought of you.

          1. I’m envious
            A2..that is a beautiful spot. I love the way wynnum has gone forward without destroying what makes it appealing.
            And the boardwalk is so well done. Are the little old wooden shops still there???? I hope so.
            Lota is lovely too. And Manley. I’ve done a lot of work in the wynnum area for a very long time. Great spot!

            “While contemplating on their life, anyone who says they have no regrets and would do it all the same again, have not learn’t anything.”

          2. The esplanade
            Hey there theFloppy,

            The area from the wading pool to the long jetty is currently closed off for major renovations. I think I might try to make it down there for the grand opening (whenever that will be).

          3. I didn’t know there was a boardwalk
            I can’t imagine Wynnum with a boardwalk.I hope as you say floppy that it hasn’t lost its charm.Not like the dang peninsula which is starting to look like Surfers Paradise.


          4. I used to live on that esplanade
            Hi A2,

            Here’s the story specially for you.

            My mother and step-father and aunt and uncle used to manage the cafe and old picture theatre the Imperial that used to be on the corner of Bride Street.
            This was during the last part of the war and a few years after.Another aunt and uncle used to visit often and fish for mullet for the cafe.Mullet was the only fish I would eat for about 50 years.Now I eat only barra.That’s how I have come up in the world.
            That’s the place where we met a lot of nice Yanks.

            If you walk up Bride Street to Bay Terrace and turn left and walk a couple of blocks you will come to Guardian Angels School on your left and Mount Carmel Convent on your right.
            We were bussed from NH to GAS for lessons.Later I was in Mount Carmel with the (Lack of) Mercy nuns.

            There were not many boarders there, about 12, but they were all bigger than me.I was tiny and did not grow much, still haven’t.

            I visited the convent a few years ago with a friend and went into the dormitory that was the scene of so many sad events many years ago.Not only for me but for all the bed-wetters in the place.
            I met the very same nun who was in charge of that dormitory when I was there and she told me how she had loved us all.Yes I said, I remember it well.
            She was little and wispy haired, and called herself by her first name.The last time I saw her she had a wimple on and a long black dress with black rosary beads and a wide strap that went the length of her skirt.
            I know that strap.
            Run, run, here comes the nun…
            Quick, quick, she’s got a stick.
            So it wasn’t always the strap.
            The dormitory is now the nuns’ TV room.
            The convent is a rest home for old nuns and a holiday place for them as well.
            The refectory was half the size I remembered it.But I was never forced to eat there, not like another convent years later when I would not and could not eat boiled tripe.
            I took some beautiful pics of the convent for the Irish Mother Superior there who had not been home in 60 years.I sent them to her but never heard if she got them.

            I also found there was a nuns’ chapel in the convent.I asked the nun if it had just been installed but she said no that I would not have known because I did not use the nuns’ stairs.
            That’s true.
            I don’t know if you know about nuns’ stairs but in convents where there are children there are nuns’ stairs and children’s stairs.The latter are narrow and bare with the middle warn concave from the millions of marching feet over the years.
            The former are wide and carpeted and it is worth your life to go up or down them.
            Once my mother came to see me and the nuns had cut my long hair into a pudding-bowl style.I didn’t want my mother to see it so I high-tailed it up the nuns’ stairs.I lived to regret it.
            I wish we had been allowed into the chapel, I would have loved that.

            A little way along the beach, long gone now, was the nuns’ bathing box at the end of a private narrow jetty.
            My whole life centred around wetting the bed and this jetty.It was so old and in such bad repair that many planks were missing.The bigger girls used to swing me over the missing planks which they could jump but I couldn’t, being so tiny.

            One horrible day I fell through one of the big holes and into the water.It was about 3 feet deep and I thought I was dead and drowned.But I wasn’t.The big girls fished me out and the nun strapped me but I had lost one of my new shoes and never found it again.
            When we got to the bathing box the tide would usually be in, and that meant that the water was at least 6 ft deep, maybe more.I could’t swim, I was terrified of the water and sometimes for fun one of the girls would push me in.We were obliged to go in the water as it was good for us, so I used to grab hold of the fence and try and walk around on the bottom bars.

            This was seen as cheating and so the nun would order me into the water.I wouldn’t go in so I was assured of a strapping on my bare bum when I was changing.

            I may return to Wynnum to live.It is not as humid as here and I need somewhere drier to live.I have friends there too.
            My son needs a place where he can dock his boat and my place here is too small.
            (He hasn’t got the boat yet).

            I remember a doctor who lived on Bay Terrace and he was such a gentle kind old man who never worried people about paying their bills.
            His name was Mortimer Hishon but his friends called him Mort.Some mothers are weird.
            I think he lost his only son very sadly and I was so sad for him.He is long gone.Vale Dr Hishon,I loved you.

            A few miles away at Wynnum are the Capuccin Monks who are wonderful people.At least the ones I knew were.And of course on the biggest hill of all, was Nazareth House.
            Archbishop Duhig bought up all the best real estate in Brisbane for the Catholic Church.
            Just look at the wonderful hills that have convents and churches on them.
            Duhig of course never paid his bills.He would order very expensive books from book stores to be brought to his mansion for him to look at them but never paid.
            I have a pic of me sitting beside him in a group of girls and he is leaning down to me asking if I was comfortable.
            We loved him, he always gave us a holiday when he visited.

            So there are happy memories amongst the sad ones.Kindly people I will never forget who thought to say a kind word to a skinny little scrap of a kid with straight sticky-out hair and very knobbly knees.

            Maybe see you there one day.


          5. The letter are long gone A2
            I couldn’t get rid of them quick enough.I felt as though we were being stalked and I suppose we were.


    2. Hate, ignorance, bigotry,
      Hate, ignorance, bigotry, hypocrisy and intolerance. All rolled up in one tidy little post that presumes to condemn others who themselves, according to you, exhibit those very traits. Good job Shadows!

    3. gays
      [quote=the shadow]… but in America there is little freedom for gays.[/quote]

      That is not correct. Gay people in America do pretty much anything they want, and they talk about it.

      Most people feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      1. Do they?
        Where are the gay people in open relationships in politics?Where are they openly living in gay relationships in top corporations or in education?
        Even in the movie world people do not ‘come out’.

        Here in Oz we have the leader of the Green Party who has been openly, but quietly, as any normal person,living in a gay relationship for many years.Good luck to him, I hope he prospers.

        And they talk about it??
        Not that I’ve heard.


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