News Briefs 07-02-07

Quote of the Day:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

  1. Great news day!
    Lots of interesting subject areas, some of which prompt comment.

    It’s my opinion that Steiner does nothing for advancing our understanding of Egyptology by conjecturing yet another reductionist interpretation of something historical. Did Steiner bother to wonder why a deceased person, king or otherwise, would need protection from a snake? Why would snakes be problematic in the afterlife? Or whether the spell may actually be an invocation to the snake for protection? Most native cultures have reference to the archetypal Great Serpent (guardian of the South) as representing knowledge, sexuality, and the healing power of nature. Or, because the phrase “mother snake” was used, perhaps it refers to the king’s reptilian heritage? The truth, as they say, is still out there – waiting.

    p.s. Just because fish do it, doesn’t make me want to rush out and date my cousin.

  2. Shocked & Awed re: News on Lunar Surface
    The news about the static electricity buildup on the lunar surface is particularly shocking in that it must be a new phenomenon, otherwise it would have been known about and discussed and taken into account during the several Moon landings of the last century.




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