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  • The mystery of Chaco Canyon.
  • Stroke of insight.
  • What we don’t know.
  • Stonehenge builders’ houses found.
  • Is philosophy progressive?
  • Hobbit human is a new species.
  • Who runs the world and controls the value of assets?
  • How the moon rules your life.
  • Hunt for ancient medicine secrets.
  • Ancient Mayan ruins to be studied.
  • Cancer treatment happy end for more patients.
  • Deep space explosion baffles astronomers.
  • Biblical natural cures.
  • Life on Mars may lie dormant in frozen seas.
  • Endless universe made possible by new model.
  • Apocalypse never? Science could yet save the day.
  • Scientists rethink causes of Mad Cow.
  • Bacteria and viruses alter evolution’s speed.
  • Neptune may have thousands of escorts.
  • Undersea vent blows blue.

Quote of the Day:

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

Albert Camus