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Anybody know where I can buy an inexpensive sonic ice disintegrator? While a brick chisel and a hammer are effective for breaking up sheets of ice, I’ve found out the hard way, they’re also hard on soft tissue.

  • As The Da Vinci Code copyright appeal rolls on, do articles like this one – from 36 years ago – argue against the originality of Baigent and Leigh’s ‘hypotheses’?
  • So much space, so little time: Danish researcher believes he’s solved Fermi’s paradox, and argues extra-terrestrials haven’t found us yet because they haven’t had enough time to look. His original paper is here.
  • If extra-terrestrials tens of light-years away have radar and FM radio, we may finally be able to hear them.
  • Parrots’ language skills are more complex than previously thought. And Alex must have the patience of Job, to have put up with these stupid researchers for so long.
  • Cat and dog save their human companions from house fires.
  • 1918 flu pandemic killed by pushing immune systems into overdrive.
  • Their doctors told them it was impossible, but neuroscientists have discovered why women with severe spinal-cord injuries can still feel sexual stimulation and have orgasms.
  • Bored out of your mind? Scientists say the mundane moments of life allow brains to shift into a default resting state that invites daydreams.
  • Anomalous ruins found in Peruvian jungle.
  • Earth Tranformation and Exopolitics Conference announced; former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister champions extraterrestrial awareness.
  • The Pentagon says its sensational espionage report about Canadian spy coins was not true, and has launched an internal review to determine how the false information found its way into a report.
  • ESA’s gamma ray observatory Integral has caught the centre of our galaxy in a moment of rare quiet.
  • A world of wild weather: The first maps of their kind show how climate change will turn rare disasters into regular events.
  • Bright white beetle dazzles scientists.
  • Tobacco pandemic fuelled by nicotine hike.
  • The maneuverability of a bat in flight makes even Harry Potter’s quidditch performance look downright clumsy – and may point to a novel lift-generating mechanism.
  • Psychedelic Alchemy.
  • The real Frankensteins.
  • It’s official: Elvis lives. It might sound a little crazy, but our standard theories of cosmology and physics suggest that an infinite number of Presleys still exist, says Marcus Chown.

Thanks, Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.

Michael Ellner