News Briefs 15-11-06

Lots of interesting nonsense today. Post your thoughts.

  • Corporate logos and freemasonry. The word.
  • The case of earth’s incredible shrinking field.
  • Meteor-dinosaur theory evolves again.
  • Two black holes?
  • Toilet evidence links Dead Sea Scrolls to sect.
  • Free speech and Israel.
  • 3D polymer with unusual magnetism.
  • Archaeologists unveil calendar of pre-Colombia cultures.
  • Sicilians in ancient Salcombe.
  • Freak one-eyed monster storm spotted on Saturn.
  • The 10 scariest medical mishaps.
  • Virtual system eases phantom limb pain.
  • I was frozen to improve my health.
  • Another electrical shock for astronomers.
  • Elevator in space.
  • Was life on earth inevitable? You’d have thought so, since it happened.
  • Eye-opening interview with Carol Rosin about the late Werner von Braun.
  • Airing out an early atmosphere.
  • Dandelion root cancer cure?
  • Unmistakable lunar ruins on the moon.

Quote of the Day:

One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.

Will Durant