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U2 will be playing Brisbane this week, so if you see Bono up there Greg, can you please tell him I still can’t get tickets for their Melbourne gigs? He’s not returning my calls.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci may have had an Arabic heritage, according to Italian researchers studying his fingerprint. I’d write a mystery thriller about that, but …
  • Erotic murals in a Pompeii brothel have been painstakingly restored and opened to the pubic … I mean, public.
  • Here’s a brilliant interactive map where you can vote for the Eighth Ancient Wonder of the World from sites that were rejected for a new list of seven to be revealed Nov 9th. The Great Wall of China was robbed!
  • A scientist claims dinosaurs lived for another 300’000 years and weren’t killed off by the Mexico meteor strike. There’s evidence they’re still alive.
  • This almost-dinosaur-killing crater in the Gulf of Mexico may be outsized by an even bigger crater thought to exist in Hudson Bay.
  • The rise of the Appalachian Mountains may have triggered an ice age 450 million years ago by sucking CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Climate change could ruin the world economy unless dramatic action is taken. Geezus, now Bush Co. are blaming the weather?!
  • Despite this, the amount of research into alternative energy technologies by both government and industry is drastically falling.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope won’t be falling anytime soon, but only if NASA agrees to ambitious repair plans.
  • Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe, who pioneered the panspermia theory that life on earth was seeded from outer space, has retired.
  • US scientists have cracked the entire genetic code of breast and colon cancers, offering new treatment hopes.
  • The future of the internet will be discussed by the first global Internet Governance Forum, created by the UN and held in Athens over five days. Ironic, considering that’s the birthplace of true democracy.
  • Not coincidental is Amnesty International’s call for Bloggers to show their support for online freedom of expression, which they believe is under threat.
  • New media downloadable to iPods will help make the paranormal go mainstream.
  • A builder says he can’t have been the only one to witness three strange objects in the sky over Ipswich.
  • A UFO was witnessed around 2am floating slowly over the Ranches of Sonterra in New Mexico.
  • Twenty-nine years later, William Bartlett is adamant that the 4-foot-tall creature with glowing orange eyes and a watermelon-shaped head he saw on an eerie night was not human.
  • A review of a new book, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science by Jeff Meldrum (Amazon US or UK).
  • A survey suggests 37 percent of Americans believe in ghosts and hauntings, but some prefer to keep the skeletons in the closet.
  • A St Albans Innkeeper has hired a paranormal investigator to bust her ghost.
  • A paranormal research team is investigating an extreme haunting at the historic Arcadia Academy.
  • Staff and customers at Latitudes Restaurant in Auburn claim to regularly see ghosts. Don’t eat the mousse.
  • Here’s another great article about paranormal investigator Robert Reppert, and the rambling spirits of Route 49.
  • The Scotsman laments the forgotton and neglected traditions that inspired Halloween, replaced by a commercial monster.
  • A dream interpreter says to throw out your dream dictionaries, because symbolism in dreams is unique to the individual dreamer. I’ve been dreaming someone would speak this sweet common sense for years.
  • Link updated: Dreamer and writer John Milo ‘Mike M.’ Ford passed away recently, and here’s a very moving article remembering him. Kat will know him by his wonderful Star Trek novels, How Much For Just The Planet? (Amazon US or UK), and The Final Reflection (Amazon US or UK).

Thanks Kat. (Kat thanks Pam.)

Quote of the Day:

It has been said that, if a person is going to die, he should do it in the morning: when the day is new and clean and full of unanswerable questions, when the sun has just risen to cast an afterglow on the things that have been done by night. It has also been said that, if a person is going to die, the circumstances are irrelevant.

From John ‘Mike’ Ford’s unfinished novel, Aspects.