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So very tired …

  • North Korea sends shockwaves across the world with its first-ever nuclear weapons test.
  • Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist who exposed the Kremlin’s war crimes in Chechnya, has been murdered.
  • Orange Orb questions why politicians can believe in baby Jesus, but laugh at UFOs.
  • The Book of THoTH has an interview with Stanton Friedman, one of the speakers at the Symposium Conference.
  • Paul Kimball wonders how anyone who looks at images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope can think there’s no other life out there.
  • A cigar-shaped, coal-black UFO was spotted over Minnesota.
  • In a field outside of Invermere last month, witnesses observed numerous oval-shaped discs darting about in the sky above them.
  • Did former US President Jimmy Carter withold information on a 1956 UFO incident?
  • Even if we manage to send people to Mars, how will they survive the radiation?
  • Spectacular images of the Martian surface have been taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • The discovery of 16 potential planets has one scientist stating with confidence that there are billions of planets in our galaxy.
  • China has chosen 30 songs to be broadcast to Earth next year from its first lunar probing satellite. No Tool, Greg.
  • Scientists have unveiled the first complete census of black hole activity in the local universe, and our neighbourhood is flush with the supermassive variety.
  • Heralding a new age of computers, researchers have teleported the information stored in a beam of light into a cloud of atoms.
  • The PC is dead, welcome to the Internet Cloud, where massive facilities across the globe store all the data you’ll ever use. I hope we don’t get a drought.
  • Will we see a literary version of the iPod revolution, or are ink-and-paper publishers safe for now?
  • Are independent bookstores fighting back against the online ordering giants? That’d make a nice topic in Greg’s free Publish Yourself resource.
  • A new study shows two-thirds of online gamers in America are female. No wonder I don’t have a girlfriend, I won’t let women play with my Wii.
  • The tropics may be the cradle of much of the world’s biodiversity, and where most species arise before they spread elsewhere, according to a new study.
  • Archaeologists in Peru have made a stunning discovery of five mummies buried deep in a cave, belonging to the mysterious Chachapoyas; the ‘Cloud People’.
  • Swiss researchers have found the 100’000-year-old remains of a previously unknown species of giant camel in Syra, and it’s as big as an elephant.
  • All across Africa, India and parts of Southeast Asia, Elephant rage is on the rise, with the giant beasts destroying villages, crops, and even attacking people.
  • A real-life Twilight Zone may exist in southeastern Arizona, close to the Mexican border, where time is altered at random.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day

Most scientists never look at UFO evidence, which leads to their conclusion that there is no evidence.

Bernard Haisch, Physicist.